Converting RAW to JPEG – The Best Way to Do That

You might come across the requirement of converting RAW to JPEG due to various reasons. However, only a few individuals know how to do it, or they don’t know the right kind of tools. The purpose of this article is to reveal the best methods to get a JPG to RAW conversion done.

In general, RAW images are used with HD imaging. Despite their high quality, you cannot open them with regular applications and edit them. If you have ever come across this situation, you will find this article to be exceptionally handy. The best solution, in this case, is to convert those RAW files to JPEG (which is a universal format). Then, you come across the requirement of finding a tool that can convert RAW to JPEG.

There is no shortage of tools that can convert RAW files to JPEG (which is a very standard format). However, only a handful of tools can do the job as expected. That said, we have prepared the below list of tools that helps in converting RAW to JPEG.

Converting RAW to JPEG or JPG to RAW 

All the tools we have listed below can deliver amazing results and a superb user experience as well. Also, those tools are designed to be very convenient even if you are a total novice.

01. Converting RAW to JPEG via BatchPhoto

Are you looking for the best tool that can be used for converting RAW to JPEG? If so, you shouldn’t miss BatchPhoto out. This specific tool is presented with editing, viewing, and converting a large range of image files. You can easily convert RAW to JPEG, JPG to RAW, and many other file formats. One of the main advantages of this tool is that it comes with great simplicity. You can convert any image file just with a couple of clicks.


  • It can be used to convert more than 100 image file formats.
  • It can convert RAW and various other image formats into different files, including JPG to RAW. Supports files such as PNG, EPS, SVG, etc.
  • You can use the same application to edit images and add various effects. Also, you can use it to flip, crop, resize, touchup, optimize, and many other tasks.
  • You can share image files directly through FTP or emails using this application.


  • Can convert RAW and other image files in batches.
  • It retains the original quality of the file after the conversion.
  • Excellent compatibility with both input and output formats.

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Converting RAW to JPEG using BatchPhoto Pro

  • First, download BatchPhoto Pro on your PC and install it.
  • Then, drag the respective image and drop it into the BatchPhoto Pro to proceed.
  • If necessary, you can perform some basic edits using the “Edit Photos” option as well.
  • Then, go to the option called “Setup” and choose the “JPEG” as the output format. And then, choose the output folder to move to the next level.
  • Now, go to the option called “Process,” and the conversion will begin. After that, you can view the converted images.

02. Via Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter is another powerful but simple image converter that comes with some basic editing features. If required, you can easily proceed with the conversion process only. This tool is introduced to convert various image files to other formats. And, it is compatible with JPG to RAW and vice-versa. This tool indeed has some limited editing features. But still, it is a very decent tool for those who want to convert a RAW file quickly.


  • It supports more than 50 image file formats, and RAW is one of them.
  • It can convert images to 20 different image formats.
  • You can use it to resize, rotate, flip and even add watermarks or text to images.
  • Share images through this app.
  • Decide the output preferences as well.


  • Can convert images in batches.
  • Configurable output settings.

How to use Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter
  • Select the output format (it should be JPEG in this case).
  • Then, click on the “Options” menu and change the settings of the output.
  • Now, click on “Convert,” so the respective file will be exported as a JPEG.

03. Converting RAW to JPEG via Windows Polarr Photo Editor

Windows Polarr Photo Editor is a free tool that is offered with Windows 10 OS. It is a free tool that can be used easily and do some basic edits apart from converting files. The only catch here is that it doesn’t offer a batch conversion feature with the free version.


  • It can use as an image viewer as well.
  • Can perform some basic edits and add watermarks to the image.
  • Can export files with JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.


  • It is a free tool that is offered with Windows 10.

Converting a RAW file to JPEG

  • First, open the respective RAW image using Polarr Photo Editor.
  • Now, click on the option called “Save.”
  • Then, choose the output format based on your requirement (JPEG, for instance) and choose image quality as well.
  • After that, click on the option called “Save as Copy,” and that’s it.

04. Converting RAW to JPEG via AVS Image Converter

AVS Image Converter is another free yet handy tool that can convert, resize and even add effects to images. You can use the same tool with more than 20 images, including the RAW file format. Also, it allows you to export images with more than 10 image formats as well. It also supports different languages.


  • It can read more than 20 image file formats.
  • Export into more than 10 formats.
  • Can rotate, resize and rename images.
  • You can apply watermarks as well.
  • Supports batch conversion.


  • A free tool that can be used offline.
  • Supports more than 20 image formats.

How to use it

  • First, install the application on your PC.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Conversion.”
  • Click on the option called “Add” and import RAW images.
  • Now, choose “To JPEG.”
  • Click on the option called “Convert Now.”

05. Converting RAW to JPEG via GIMP

Those who have some considerable knowledge in image editing will find GIMP to be an awesome tool. GIMP is the shortened form for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The best thing about this tool is an open-source editor that works perfectly like Adobe Photoshop. It can be used to convert images apart from the other editing options. But before converting RAW to JPEG, you should install a raw loader plugin to GIMP.


  • Support RAW and 50 more formats.
  • Edit the image if required.
  • Export with more than 20 formats.


  • Opensource.
  • Advanced and professional editing options.

How to use GIMP

  • First, install GIMP.
  • Download and install the plugin called “Raw Loader.”
  • Open the RAW image.
  • Go to “File” and choose “Export As.”
  • Now, choose “Select File Type.” Choose JPEG as the output file format.
  • Hit the button labeled “Export.”

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Converting RAW to JPEG online for free

Some individuals often look for a way to convert JPG to RAW or vice-versa without installing any tool. If that’s the case with you, there are many options for you. However, not all those tools are as good as they claim. Some of those tools have very limited features, and some may even collect your personal information.

Mentioned below are some of the limitations associated with those free online image conversion tools.

  • Zamzar: cannot convert files larger than 50MB.
Converting RAW to JPEG with Zamzar
  • CloudConvert: cannot retain the original quality of the image.
Converting RAW to JPEG with CloudConvert
  • Convertio: doesn’t support JPEG output format.
Converting RAW to JPEG with Convertio
  • Online Converter: no batch conversion.

In this case, you can consider as a reliable option. It comes with many features you would expect. However, the tool is not offered for free. Also, it doesn’t allow you to upload, edit or export RAW files for free.

Compared to all those online converters, two excellent online tools can do the job. Mentioned below are those tools for your reference.

06. Iloveimg

Iloveimg is an excellent tool that can compress, crop, edit and resize images apart from converting.


  • Convert files such as ORF, RAF, CR2, NEW, etc., in addition to RAW.
  • Can convert images in batches.
  • It can download all the JPEG images as a ZIP file.
  • You can use it to save images to cloud storage directly.


  • It wants you to upgrade to the Premium version to retain the image quality.
  • Not as fast as installable software.  

How to convert RAW to JPEG online

  • Now, click on “Convert to JPG.”
Converting RAW to JPEG with iLoveImg
  • Download JPEG files to the PC now.

07. Online-Convert Image Converter

Here’s another online tool that allows you to convert RAW images to 12 more formats.


  • Compatible with the RAW file format.
  • Supports batch conversion.
  • Can change the settings.
  • All the JPEG files are downloaded in ZIP.


  • You can convert only three images simultaneously with the free version.
  • Relatively slow.
  • Don’t retain the original quality in output files.

How to use it

  • Adjust the settings if required and click on “Start Conversation.”
  • Download the files to your PC.
Converting RAW to JPEG with Online-Convert

So, those are the options to consider for converting RAW to JPEG or JPG to RAW. We hope at least one of the above options will do the job for you.