The Best WiFi Routers Under 100 Dollars

Here are the best WIFI routers under 100 dollars that have great speed and stable connection for you to choose from. There is also a buying guide for you to choose better the suitable router that best fits your requirement.

Why Choose The Best WiFi Routers Under 100 Dollars?

Nowadays, there are more and more smart devices that need some WiFi connection. Internet is already part of our daily life, considering the number of things we cannot do without the internet. Learning requires the internet when we are doing research projects or having classes online. Many people have jobs that are somewhat connected to WiFi and the internet, no matter it is work-related to games or other jobs.

People need WiFi to complete their jobs and to get stable, high-speed WiFi. We need a good WiFi router. Numerous WiFi routers are available on the market, in which different routers have different abilities and prices. True, some of those recently released WiFi routers have unique specifications that seem interesting and cool. However, considering its price, it is not affordable for many people; considering its specifications, the mind-blowing abilities may not be utilized often, and purchasing it will just be a waste of your money.

Choosing the best WIFI routers under 100 dollars that best fits your requirement will be put in the first place. Nobody wants to waste their money on something useless. Here comes the question: What to consider while picking routers? Below are the things you need to check before purchasing a WiFi router. Make sure that the wireless WiFi router matches your requirements before buying it. Continue reading and learn more.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Wifi Routers Under $100

Before buying anything, you should check if it fits your requirement. We organized the five things you need to think about when picking the best WIFI routers under 100 dollars that suit your desire. Below are the five features that really matter when selecting the best WiFi router under 100.

Speed – Does This Router Provides the Speed You Want?

Most people start considering the speed of the routers. Nowadays, most modern routers feature very high speed. However, it’s still essential, and you should pay great attention to those specs.

As mentioned, when picking the best WIFI routers under 100 dollars, the most important thing is that it fits your requirement. As an example, a high number of streamers are recording videos of them playing games. In this case, most of them will require a stable internet connection with high speed in order to support the multiplayer game and prevent lagging. This is the first and primary thing they need to achieve since they will still need to record a 4K video while playing the game. In this situation, they will need one AC router to support their requirement. An AC router is the modern standard of WiFi that many people use. Honestly, the AC routers under $100 might be a bit low on specific advanced features than the expensive ones, but those under $100 still perform pretty well for a regular home router.

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Dual-Band Feature or Higher – Does It Support Both Bands (2.4GHz & 5GHz)?

Dual-Band feature or Higher

If you had finished considering the speed of that WiFi router, you should now check if it is a dual-band router. A dual-band router will usually have 2+ antennas on it; It will also equip the ability to maintain the two bands simultaneously while the speed and signal typically perform. For the two bands, we mean the 5GHz as well as the 2.4GHz bands. This band will allow the router to have overall better performance, which will bring good effects to the speed, connection, etc. Additionally, the 5GHz band will not suffer because of the interference of other smart devices. Usually, it is somewhat less crowded.

A WIFI router with dual-band is already enough for daily usage at home, but there are indeed some wireless routers with tri-band settings. This kind of router has one single 2.4GHz band and double 5GHz bands with more number of bands included in the router, the better the performance. Those tri-band routers will be awesome for households that require high-speed and tight connections; if you need a router for gaming and streaming, then a tri-band router will be an excellent choice for you.

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Range – How Wide Does It Cover?

The range of your best routers under $100 is also very important. You need to consider its coverage, or else it will be awkward if you bought a WIFI router that does not even cover your whole house.

For a wireless router used for daily use, it should have a wide range of coverage so it can provide equal strength of signal all over your house. It’s annoying to always go to a specific place with a tremendous amount of WIFI signals every time you want to use your device, so range insurance is essential.

It’s best to have an equal signal for the entire house, but there are indeed factors that affect it. The size of your home will be the main thing to consider, but there are other things to check, like wall composition and signal distractions. Picking a router that best avoids those things will be a smart decision. It’s safe to pick a wireless router that covers 2000 square ft. of your house, or otherwise, you will have to find another WIFI extender to expand the range of your best WiFi routers under $100.

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Security – is It Safe when Using This Router?

Router Security

With more and more jobs in need of technologies, cyber-security has become a very big deal. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your router is perfectly safe. First of all, you need to see if the router you are interested in has a solid and safe firewall. If that router has a solid firewall, you should look for WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption and the possibility of Guest Access. When you finished checking out these things, it will be very difficult to hack into your router’s network, which will really bring a tough time to the hacker.

Cost – is It Affordable and Fits My Budget?

Talking about the cost in this article seems pretty out of place, but the cost of WIFI routers is pretty worth a mention.

Though we are mainly focused on the best wireless routers under 100 bucks in this article, it’s undeniable that the cost is a big thing when purchasing stuff. The thing is, the most expensive one is not always the best. As we said in the introduction, many recently released routers have very mind-blowing specifications which you won’t even need. So it’s important to consider its performance, not the price. A cheaper WIFI router might be more useful to you than a complicated, expensive one.

Four Best WiFi Router Under $100

Best WiFi Routers Under 100 Dollars - TP-Link Archer AX21

The first best WIFI router under 100 dollars is from TP-Link, a very popular brand that offers high-quality, great stuff. Besides that, TP-Link Archer AX21 is popular among the most affordable routers.

For a WiFi 6 router under 100 bucks, the TP-Link Archer AX21 offers incredible value as it includes advanced and top-notch technologies. Furthermore, this router changes its protocol as its design became unique but still durable. If you compare the TP-Link Archer AX21 to the previous “AC” series, you will find out that it has become more and more valuable as well as effective.

Surprisingly, with the 1.8Gbps WiFi speed, the TP-Link Archer AX21 still can handle 4k content. This means no matter what you are using this router for, it will always provide you with great WiFi speed and will not disappoint you. Even if you are gaming or streaming, the TP-Link Archer AX21 will not let you down. In addition, this product allows you to connect more than 40 devices at once while performing at its normal rate, which leads to the WiFi running well while 40+ devices are connecting to it. The TP-Link Archer AX21’s well performance is due to the incredible CPU and a 1.5GHz processor inside it.


Other than its incredible performance on WiFi speed and the number of devices connecting to it, the TP-Link Archer AX21 also has four great external antennas, which can better support it to perform better. Furthermore, this wireless router utilizes or gains the use of beamforming technology that will strengthen the connection and network between the devices and the router itself. This is why it will bring great connection between devices while numerous devices are connecting to it simultaneously. Besides that, the TP-Link Archer AX21 also offers OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies. With both technologies, this router can support an additional four times the number of devices while still promising incredible normal speed.


Overall, TP-Link Archer AX21 is a super valuable WiFi router that provides the user awesome WiFi speed and a huge number of devices that could be connected to it. Furthermore, the connection between the router and the devices is also tight since numerous technologies strengthen it. With all this, the TP-Link Archer AX21 will undoubtedly be one of the best routers under 100 bucks.


  • Super valuable
  • WiFi speed of 1.8gbps
  • Security of WPA – 3
  • Unique design
  • Simple and it’s easy to set this router up


  • There is no USB 3.0 port available on this router
Best WiFi Routers Under 100 Dollars - TP-Link Archer A9

Continuing with TP-Link, here we are with TP-Link Archer A9. If you compare this router with others on the list of the best WiFi routers under $100, eventually, you will figure out a few significant differences between them, which is why TP-Link Archer A9 will be on the top few routers. However, it’s a fact that this router is relatively more expensive compared to others. Don’t panic; this router still has a price that is under 100 bucks. That’s why it can be included on this list.

During the previous year, the price of TP-Link Archer A9 was still above $100. This is good news because since the price was reduced, now will be a great time to purchase it and bring it home. Being a dual-band WiFi router, TP-Link Archer A9 also features beamforming technology, which makes the router a lot smarter. Besides, this wireless router is powered by a dual-core powerful processor that has the power of 1Ghz. It has one less external antenna than Archer AX21, but TP-Link Archer A9 still provides a rather long range while capable of providing great coverage. Unlike TP-Link Archer AX21, TP-Link Archer A9 features a USB 3.0 port and a 2.0 port. Additionally, this router has four complete Gigabit Ethernet ports featured (along with a WAN port).

In analysis, the TP-Link Archer A9 will be perfect if you need a WiFi router at home. Its price has just come below $100, so now will be a great time to buy it. However, the status lights of this best router under $100 are quite bright, which is annoying, especially at night.


  • Super powerful WiFi which can reach to 1900Mbps
  • Dual-band that allows the user to connect numerous devices at an instant
  • Tight and reliable WiFi connection due to the beamforming tech
  • TP-Link app available which can help the users to set up the router better as well as managing the WiFi connection


  • This router has a rather bright status light
  • Not mountable

3. Speedy AC2100 K7 – Significant Range

Speedy AC2100 K7

Leaving TP-Link, here we are with the Speedefy AC2100 K7. What’s unique about this WiFi router is that this is the only one that has seven 6dbi antennas. There is rarely any router with seven antennas, which is also under the price of $100. Additionally, with the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band, the Speedefy AC2100 K7 has a maximum WiFi speed of 2033Mbps. In more detail, the 2.4GHz band provides the WiFi speed up to 300Mpbs, while the 5GHz band gives this router the other 1733mbps.

Besides its incredible WiFi speed, Speedefy AC2100 K7 also uses one of the well-known wireless standards, which is 802.11ac. Utilizing this resulted in the wide range of smart devices available while using this WiFi router. In addition, you can combine the separate bands into one and get a WiFi that’s more stabilized and tightened.

This best WiFi router under $100 not only utilized the 802.11ac but also uses a dual-core processor to allow the user to perform various tasks with their smart device. Different tasks such as gaming, streaming, browsing, etc., will be handled well by the Speedefy AC2100 K7. Furthermore, this wireless router also boasts beamforming technology and the 4×4 MU-MIMO, which can support the router to create a better connection with other devices and perform heavy duties.


  • Awesome speed (maximum of 2033Mbps)
  • Significant range of coverage (2500 sq.ft.)
  • A total of seven external antennas
  • There are app & web available to help you manage this router


  • Missing USB port

4. Netgear Nighthawk R6700 – Gaming and Home

Netgear Nighthawk R6700

If you are a gamer that prefers a router that serves high WiFi speed and has a price under $100, then you should consider the Netgear Nighthawk R6700.

While thinking of this kind of router, the MR1700 from Motorola comes to my mind as well. If compared, you can find out that the Netgear Nighthawk R6700 provides better features and has better performances, which is why many gamers choose this router. However, if we consider the coverage and range of the routers, then Motorola MR1700 will have better data.

Like the previous AC2100 K7, Netgear Nighthawk R6700 is also a smart WiFi router with a double band. Its maximum speed of 1750Mbps is not the best among the best WiFi routers under $100 on the list, but it is enough for normal gaming usage.

Besides the speed, the dual-core processor of Netgear Nighthawk R6700 improves the wireless and wired performance of the router. Most importantly, this product allows the users to prioritize specific devices to provide better gaming experiences and make great Streaming videos.


  • Advanced QoS featured for gaming and streaming
  • Beamforming tech for improving the coverage and the speed of your WiFi
  • Also features Airtime Fairness which can prevent the WiFi network from lagging when any slow device is connected to it
  • 3.0 USB port which is the fastest
  • Parental controls available for controlling internet time
  • Backup software which is free
  • With the backup software, it can work as some kind of safeguard


  • MU-MIMO tech not supported

Conclusion on the Best Wifi Routers Under 100 Dollars

We are pretty much done with the buying guide and the four best routers under 100 dollars. Use the buying guide as support for you to find suitable routers. If you cannot find great routers that best fit your requirement, then you can consider the four routers recommended. These are all great WIFI routers under 100 bucks. Feel free to investigate more and find more detail on them. They will not disappoint you.

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