MTG Best Demons – 10 Best Demon Cards In MTG

Demons and black go hand in hand. When a new deck is released, expect a new demon is coming along with it. Demon is argued to be one of the most powerful creatures in Magic: The Gathering; their incredible traits and abilities can easily lead you to victory. Below are the ten best MTG demons cards on the list.

1. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled (CMC:6)

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled (CMC:6)

For its six mana cost, a 4/4 stats are not bad. Ob offers significant benefits in both creatures and planeswalker forms. For its traits, Ob has flying and trample. Flying means, well, flying, soaring over ground blockers. On the other hand, trample allows Ob to deal extra battle damage to the opponent when blocked. Some people might argue that a 4/4 stats can’t prove the worth of either trample or Ob Nixilis, Unshackled. However, whenever a creature dies, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, gains a counter of +1/+1. More creatures die, more powerful Ob is. Additionally, whenever an opponent searches the library of himself or herself, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, makes that opponent lose ten life and sacrifice a creature.

As an attacker, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, is already very powerful. The longer he is on the battlefield, the more powerful he gets. The trait of trample allows it to best use its high power and toughness and deal decent damage to the opponent. Not only as an attacker, but its existence on the field will also already be very annoying. Not searching the library? I can’t take it. With all these powerful traits, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, will surely be one of the best demons in MTG.

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2. Overseer of the Damned (CMC:7)

Best MTG Demons - Overseer of the Damned (CMC:7)

The seven costs for the 5/5 stats don’t seem worth it for now, but as I have said, never judge a card based on its stats. It has the trait of flying as we expected and some useful; abilities. Once entering the battlefield, Overseer destroys a target creature. Whenever a nontoken creature an opponent control dies, you receive a 2/2 black zombie.

Since its first ability instantly kills a target creature, you should get a black zombie right away. Because the ability triggers regardless of the owner of the fallen warrior, you will soon have an army of black zombies waiting for an attack. So this is another one of the best Demon cards in MTG.

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3. Best Demon Cards In MTG – Griselbrand (CMC:7)

 Griselbrand (CMC:7)

Like Lord of the Void, Griselbrand costs seven mana in exchange for 7/7 stats and has the trait of flying. Additionally, it can let you pay seven life four drawing seven cards. Seven cards will be a ridiculous amount of cards entering your hand. That makes Griselbrand an insane draw engine that gives your more opportunities and more chances. Additionally, if you are worried about the seven life losses, Griselbrand will make up for that itself. Consider its last trait, lifelink, which gains you life whenever Griselbrand deals damage(opponent or creature all fine). With this trait, you no longer need to worry about life loss because more life is coming in. As a matter of fact, you are getting seven-card for free!

Being a ridiculous draw machine, Griselbrand gives you more choice and prevents you from running out of cards. In combat, Griselbrand also proves its worth. A 7/7 stats can slay off most of your opponent’s creatures while gaining life for yourself. Griselbrand will be great for either a support card or an attack card. It could even be a commander card if you like. Combining so many traits and abilities will definitely give itself a place on the best Demon cards in the MTG list.

4. Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (CMC:6)

Best MTG Demons - Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (CMC:6)

Being the first legendary demon in the MTG best demon list, Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, won’t disappoint you. Its converted mana cost is six, and Nefarox has the stats of 5/5 and the trait of flying. However, it is one of the best demons because of its abilities.

Its first ability is Exalted, which gains the creature attacking alone a +1/+1 for the turn. This change may seem small, but if your opponent blocks the creature with specific stats, this small buff may surprise your opponent as he or she loses a creature. Nefarox’s second ability is the one that most players are afraid and annoyed for. When Nefarox himself attacks alone, the defending player must sacrifice a creature.

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, is another card that great for playing off itself. Its ability to force the opponent to sacrifice creatures is deadly. It can constantly trigger its ability while gaining a +1/+1 boost from its first ability. Forcing your opponent to sacrifice creatures that have indestructible, protection, and hexproof trait can make your attack later in time way more manageable.

5. Ob Nixilis, the Fallen (CMC:5)

Ob Nixilis, the Fallen (CMC:5)

Being another legendary demon, it has the converted mana cost of five and the stats of 3/3. Don’t let his stats fool you, and his ability allows him to have the target player lose three life whenever you play a land. Additionally, Ob gains a +1/+1 boost whenever this happens.

Every time you put a land, typically one per turn, Ob Nixilis, the Fallen gets a boost. After a few boosts, Ob’s 3/3 stats will soon become two-digit or more. Which will make him more powerful and one of the best demons in MTG.

6. Best Demon Cards In MTG – Lord of the Void (CMC:7)

Best MTG Demons - Lord of the Void (CMC:7)

Arriving with a seven mana cost for 7/7 stats is just in ratio. Lord of the Void also has flying, which can help it avoid ground blockers. Flying is helpful for Lord of the Void because its ability only triggers damage to the opponent player. When this happens, Lord of Void exiles the top seven cards of your target player’s library and allows you to put one of them onto the battlefield under your control.

Lord of the Void acts similarly to Silent-Blade Oni, but not the same. Even though Silent-Blade has the ability to quickly get itself on the battlefield by replacing another creature, Lord of the Void can skip over ground blockers. Make your opponent’s flying unit all busy or die, and simply set Lord of the Void into battle. Its ability can gain you one card out of seven of your choice. At the same time, your opponent will lose a large number of cards in his or her library, which potentially sets up a no-card let to draw win.

7. Best Demon Cards In MTG – Master of Cruelties (CMC:5)

Master of Cruelties (CMC:5)

Don’t let him touch you! Master of Cruelties cost five mana, including red mana. Its 1/4 stats may make him seem harmless, but never judge a card based on its stats. Master of Cruelties has the trait of first strike and deathtouch. The first strike allows it to deal combat damage first, always, and deathtouch means yeah, deathtouch.

The combo of First strike and deathtouch is formidable since this trait allows Master of Cruelties to kill any creature before they can strike back. Winning nearly any combat without getting hurt.

Even though the combo of first strike and deathtouch already make Master of Cruelties a very decent card, there’s still more. Before introducing its last ability, Master of Cruelties can only attack alone, similar to Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis. Remember when I said, “Don’t let him touch you“? Yeah, don’t let him touch you. Master of Cruelties’ last ability makes the target player’s health become one if the attack of Mater of Cruelties is not blocked.

All together, Master of Cruelties will indeed be counted as one of the best demons in MTG.

8. Rakdos, Lord of Riots (CMC:4)

Best MTG Demons - Rakdos, Lord of Riots (CMC:4)

Again, involving red mana to cast. Rakdos cost four mana and have the stats of 6/6! However, you can’t cast Rakdos, Lord of Riots, if your opponent didn’t lose a life. Such cheap instants like Lightning Bolt are good for dealing this minor damage.

Rakdos have the trait of flying and trample once played, and it can reduce the mana cost for your creature. For every life an opponent lost this turn, one mana cost will be reduced. Its trait of trample and its stats work well with this ability. Trample allows the excess damage from Rakdos done to your opponent. After that, mana cost will be reduced for your creatures. Rakdos will likely act as a support/attack card to help you cast high-cost creatures that will lead you to victory. That’s what makes Rakdos, Lord of Riots, one of the best demons in MTG.

9. Silent-Blade Oni (CMC:7)

Silent-Blade Oni (CMC:7)

Silent-Blade Oni costs seven mana typically, but you will most likely use its six mana cost Ninjutsu ability instead. Ninjutsu allows you to return one of your unblocked attackers to your hand, replacing it with Silent-Blade. Silent-Blade Oni’s second ability lets the player cast a nonland card in the opponent’s hand whenever Silent-Blade Oni deals combat damage to that player. Ninjutsu helpfully triggers this ability since it will not be blocked when substituting the unblocked creature, and its 6/5 stats will do a significant amount of damage, activating its ability.

Using Silent-Blade Oni in the case of a sneak attack will prove its worth. Whenever your opponents’ creatures are blocking or blocked, you can replace one of your unblocked cards and easily let Silent-Blade deal damage to your opponent. After dealing a significant amount of damage, the ability nets you a free spell while reducing the number of the card on your opponent’s hand. Silent-Blade should be silent!

10. Best Demon Cards In MTG – Harvester of Souls (CMC:6)

Best MTG Demons - Harvester of Souls (CMC:6)

Costing six mana, Harvester of Souls gets 5/5 stats and deathtouch. Meaning that creatures able to withstand five damage will be defeated when battling it. Not only that, Harvester of Souls proves its worth when its ability is used.

Its ability, whenever another nontoken creature dies, you draw a card, makes him one of the few reusable black draw engines that do not cost you to pay your life. This makes him rare and also proves its place on the best MTG demon list.

That’s pretty much it for the ten best MTG demons. Some of those can deal decent damage, and some can bring a significant amount of benefit to you. Never underestimate those impressive creatures.