Eight Best Mario Party Games for Wii

If you love to play Mario Party games on Nintendo and are confused about which one to play next, then we have got you covered. We have listed the eight best Mario Party games that you will love to play on Nintendo Wii. 

Mario Party is an adventurous game. In comparison to other arcade games, it is light-hearted and fun to play. Warn you; it can impact your friendship greatly.

Its ongoing series on Nintendo Wii shows that people still love this game. In this game, a cute little guy with a red hat is out to compete with other characters in order to become the biggest player.

This game started in 1998, and to this date, it has entertained game lovers and made a special place in their hearts. Its graphics and simple plot still hold the power to make you nostalgic.

In early 2000, this game ruled over the market. All other characters introduced at that time didn’t impact as vehemently as Mario.  This is why we have made a list of the best Mario Party for Wii games. Read on to know more about these games.  

1. Super Mario Party

best Super Mario party for Wii

After waiting for almost ten years, Nintendo Switch released something worth playing in the Mario Party franchise. Fans were frustrated with the same old gimmicks. Broken cars, lackluster handheld titles, and a consistent lack of online gameplay detached Mario’s fans from the series. Fortunately, Super Mario Party revived the charisma of this game.

Released in 2018, Super Mario Party entered as a game-changer for Nintendo Switch. The last two games released by Wii miserably failed to impress fans of this evergreen video game series. The game platform Wii didn’t want to lose this valuable asset, and therefore, the release of Super Mario Party saved the bacon for Nintendo Switch.

However, this game still needs an up-gradation, but the feature of selecting a character by rolling the dice is something new, which you won’t see in previous games of Mario Party. Super Mario Party is like a breath of fresh air for Mario fans. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Mario Party for Wii games.

2. Mario Party 8

Released just six months after the launch of Nintendo Wii, Mario Party 8 has one of the most extensive gameplay in the franchise. It is the most successful game in this series and contains every element that makes this Party game popular. This casual party game involves using the Wii remote extensively.

Wii is known for its motion control, due to which it became really easy and fun to play the short minigames in Mario Party 8. While some minigames only need the D-Pad and buttons to walk, it has many different motion games with unique features.

Although the previous games in the Mario Party series have better boards than this game series, its minigames seem quite promising and do not make it stale. It also has various boards with different playstyles, like a city wherein you have to invest your coins into Hotels so that you can steal and collect stars.

Plus, this is the only game that has followed the traditional core gameplay structure in the Mario Party series. It does not require you to travel in a vehicle like you have to in the 9 and 10 games in this series. This is the best Mario Party game to play with your friends.  

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3. Mario Party 5

Mario party 5 for Wii

Mario Party 5 is the epitome of Nintendo creativity. The boards used in this game were based on different kinds of dreams, which is an idea similar to Mario Party 1 and 2.

However, there are not a lot of changes in its game style compared to Mario Party 4. You may end up a little disappointed if you are expecting a drastic upgrade in this game. Nonetheless, it still manages to provide something new to Mario fans.

Plus, its gameplay is unique. It allows you to compete against Bowser’s Koopa Kids. You have to eliminate their coins by using capsules or fighting against them in minigames. The capsule system was kept for two games after Mario Party 5 and was enhanced in other games.

The game introduced some new modes. One of them was Super Duel Mode, a motor derby mode, which allows you to make weaponized cars. It is the best Mario Party game that was able to regenerate Mario 1 and 2 with a twist. 

4. Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2 came as a bigger and better sequel to Mario Party 1. Its game style is similar to Mario Party 5. If you want to see Mario as a cinematic character, then you must try this game. Here, you can see Mario dressed as a wizard and cowboy.

Not only these characters but there are many different character dresses for diverse board themes. Furthermore, it adds two more features in minigames, known as battle minigames and duel minigames, which means you can combat in two more styles other than the original format.

Mario Party 2 minigames have successfully brought back the playthroughs of iconic games like Face Lift.  The most amazing feature that this best Mario Party game contains is that the winner of the game needs to fight against Bower, who is also dressed like Mario. So, show your ability, knock the daylights out of the Koopa King, and win this game.  

5. Mario Party 3

Mario party 3 for Wii

The last installment of Nintendo 64, Mario Party 3, ended up on a high note. It managed to solve various problems that previous Mario Party games had. Mario Party 3 brought varieties of new minigames that had a wider range of maps and less outdated quality of visuals compared to today’s Mario Party games.

The concept of this game makes it one of the best Mario Party for Wii games. You’re required to compete against other characters to complete the mission. Your mission is to collect seven Star Stamps that are scattered in various lands so as to acquire the acceptance of the Millennium Star and become the “Superstar of the universe.” 

After collecting the most number of stars, you need to combat in a one-on-one battle against other Mario Party characters and Pokemons. Plus, this game has a lot to offer in the minigame format in which you need to be skillful and lucky. 

Two more characters have been introduced in Mario Party 3, Princess Daisy and Waluigi. The gameplay of these two new characters is incredible in Story modes. You must check it out.

6. Mario Party 7

Fans of Mario Party usually compare Mario Party 6 and 7. It is hard to conclude which game is superior between these two. The gameplay of Mario Party 7 includes eight characters with four teams that have to compete against one another for the Superstar title.

Furthermore, in the minigames, all eight players need to compete with one another to win the round. The minigames include missions like hitting switches quickly to avoid electric shock, jumping ropes, etc. The music of this game compliments your character’s actions. The winning music in a minigame is quite catchy.

Plus, the music used at the time when you acquire a Star is also mesmerizing. It will make you feel like you have accomplished something great. There is a fair balance between skills and luck in this game, even though most of the single-player Bowser minigames are generally based on luck. This best Mario Party game is fun to play in your free time. 

7. Mario Party 6

Mario party 6 for Wii

Although the story mode of this game is less dynamic in comparison to Mario Party 7, its creative mechanics offers fans to experience one of the best Mario Party for Wii games. Mario Party 6 is famous because of its day and night game concept.

The gameplay changes with the change in time. These changes take place in minigames, different characters, and spaces. You can observe these changes in two new characters, Twila and Brighton, which represent the moon and sun.

A fair amount of imagination and creativity is put into this game to make it more fun and exciting for players. The developers have kept the core gameplay intact with consistent changes that take place in minigames. 

The music used in this game and the creativity in minigames surpassed Mario Party 7. In the ‘What’s Goes Up…‘ minigame, players try to reach the sky in the daytime to become the highest player, and at night, they must descend as fast as they could. It is undoubtedly one of the best Mario Party for Wii games. 

8. Mario Party

Mario Party is the original game of the Mario Party series. It laid the foundation of board games and minigames. Although the sequels of this game get more advanced with every update, Mario Party is still the best Mario Party for Wii games.

Although you can feel that losing coins in Mario Party minigames is quite easy, its classic originality will make you play this game again.

However, if you are planning to replay it on the original console, keep in mind that in a few minigames, you need to roll the joystick, which could end up as a painful experience with an unusual controller console. 

So, these were some of the best Mario Party for Wii games that you can try. There are many different and new minigames in the Mario Party series.

If you are planning to have some fun with your friends, you should definitely give these best Mario Party games a shot.



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