Top Best Lego Architecture Sets 2022

Best Lego architecture sets have always become a fantasy of many individuals across the globe regardless of their age. If you are one of those enthusiasts and looking for the best Lego architecture packs, keep reading. The products mentioned below are found after extensive research work. We hope you will make use of it.

What Are the Best Lego Architecture Sets?

Lego Architecture kits are excellent desk decorations or present for creative friends and family members. They’re inspired by some of the world’s most famous locations and skylines. Also, they may serve as a source of inspiration for both adults and children.

Over 50 kits of Lego Architecture have been created in the last decade or so. However, not all of those kits are still accessible. For the most part, they’re no longer in production or have been phased out entirely.

Listed here are the top Lego Architecture sets for 2021, along with links to the current year’s discontinued kits. We’ve also added a few Legos Architecture-related construction kits from other series.

Lego Architecture kits may be divided into two groups: Landmark and Skyline. Well, the s Skyline kits are, in fact, collections of 3-5 buildings out of a single city.  On the other hand, Landmark sets are collections of significant structures from throughout the globe.

It is true that many of these kits may be finished by younger Lego enthusiasts. However, they are often rather complex, and youngsters may need assistance in order to complete them all. They’re geared for Lego aficionados who are a little more experienced and have been constructing for a while.

Instructions and historical information about the structures are included in a pamphlet that comes with each set.

Our Top Picks for Best Lego Architecture 

Now that you know a bit of the background of the Lego architecture sets. Let’s move on. The below list comprises the best Lego architecture kits you can purchase in the modern-day market. However, you should note that their availability may vary at the time you read this article.

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#1 – New York City

Best Lego Architecture Sets - New York City

It’s hard to imagine a cityscape without seeing New York City’s skyline. That said, this best Lego architecture remains one of the best most popular in the series. It was first made available in 2016, and there are just a few hundred of them left.

The Chrysler Building, The Flatiron Building, Empire State Building, and One World Trade Center are portrayed in this collection. That is in addition to the most iconic Statue of Liberty. The final model has a height of 26cm, a width of 25cm, and a depth of 1cm.

#2 – Dubai


When it comes to contemporary architecture, Dubai has some of the most stunning examples. This Lego Architecture kit does an excellent job of capturing that. Towers Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Frame are included in it. The final set has a height of 33cm, a width of 27cm, and a depth of 2cm.

It is true that this may not be the favorite item among the fans in terms of style. However, this makes a nice present or memento for those who love Dubai, the UAE’s largest metropolis.

#3 – San Francisco – “The Golden City” 

San Francisco – "The Golden City"

The next item on this list is the “City of Gold” or, as we all know, “San Francisco.”  The ever-popular Bridge named “Golden Gate” has a forced perspective. However, the completed model looks great on a desktop or even a bookshelf.

Fort Point, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge are all included in this Lego Architecture kit. It also includes the famed “painted women” buildings of 555 California Street and the Transamerica Pyramid. The final model has a height of 16cm, a width of 28cm, and a depth of 7cm.

San Francisco is an excellent Lego Architecture set to give as a present as well. This is particularly true for individuals who are new to the genre.

#4 – London

Best Lego Architecture Sets - London

In comparison to other skyline sets, this kit contains fewer pieces. However, it still includes many of the city’s most recognizable sites. With its smaller size and lower price, it makes an excellent present or a suitable beginning point.

The National Gallery, London Eye, Nelson’s Column, the Tower Bridge, and Big Ben are all included here. Once this kit is completed, the final item will stand at over 5 inches tall.

Also, it could be the best Lego architecture for those who are on a budget. However, you will have to spend a little more time putting it together; this is the one for you.

#5 – Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

It is true that it’s not featured in the London skyline set. However, you can still create a small representation of Trafalgar Square with this specific kit.

For example, it has a replica of the National Gallery as well as Nelson’s Column. And that is flanked by four lions. That is in addition to the two beautiful fountains and four plinths for sculptures. When finished building, it will stand 12cm tall, be 24cm broad, and be 20cm deep.

In fact, it is a part of the landmark series. On top of that, this Lego Architecture building kit is one of the simpler and more economical ones. There are even a couple of cute little double-decker buses in there, and that’s wonderful.

#6 – Empire State Building

Best Lego Architecture Sets - Empire State Building

Lego Architecture initially produced this impressive kit back in 2008. Nevertheless, this newer model much exceeds its predecessor’s capabilities. A modest 77-piece model was transformed into a massive, eye-catching work of art with over 1700 pieces.

When completed, this Lego Architecture set will stand at the height of 55cm, 20cm wide, and 12cm deep. This exceptional product is surely among the best Lego architecture sets.

#7 – Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Arguably, it is one of the greatest and most difficult Lego Architecture kits to date. However, it’s new to the market. It’s very detailed for being made out of so few little bricks, with around 2000 pieces.

The sarcophagus is visible in the crypt under the dome’s domed top. They are actually hidden behind one of the building’s four beautiful façades. The final model has a height of 20cm, a width of 10cm, and a depth of 10cm.

Compared to the previous Taj Mahal Creator kit, this one is more affordable and accessible to the general public. However, younger and beginner-level collectors will most likely need assistance in order to get this completed.

#8 – Tokyo

Best Lego Architecture Sets - Tokyo

It is absolutely true that it’s one of the more difficult Lego Architecture kits in this series. However, the Tokyo skyline model is very accurate. There are historical as well as ultra-modern buildings in this excellent picture of Tokyo.

A couple of cherry blossom trees exist. They are in their full bloom, and they are visible at Shibuya Crossing & Chidorigafuchi Park. Also, you can see Tokyo Tower as well as the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower. The height of the final model is 28 cm. Its width is 47cm, and its depth of 20 cm. As one of the most vibrant and intriguing skyline models, it can add great value to your collection. In other words, this is more of a must-have item if you want the best Lego architecture sets.

#9 – The White House

The White House

Well, the next up is one of the greatest in this series. The new White House model kit is really well-done and well worth its price of admission alone. It is true that the completed model isn’t very tall. However, its wide depth and breadth make it an ideal display piece for a variety of settings and purposes. It has a height of 11cm, a width of 47cm, and a depth of 20cm.

Do you have a smaller kid who isn’t quite ready for the challenge of Lego Architecture? And she wants the best Lego architecture? If so, this is a terrific method for you and your child to spend time together.

#10 – Statue of Liberty

Best Lego Architecture Sets - Statue of Liberty

Lego Architecture pieces such as the cityscapes are wonderful for getting started. However, if you want something more ambitious, the Statue of Liberty is a terrific choice.

It will take many hours of serious construction to finish this set, which has more than 1600 parts. As a result, youngsters and novices should avoid it. Model height is 44cm, width is 5inches, and depth is also 14inches when completed.

Do you want a more substantial representation of one of America’s most recognizable sites? If it is so, these could be the best Lego architecture sets you can purchase.

#11 – Paris


Paris is a well-known tourist destination across the globe. This Lego Architecture kit captures all of the city’s stunning parks, elegant buildings, and historical monuments.

The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Palais, and the Louvre are all included in this kit. In addition to that, these best Lego architecture sets, as well as some grass and trees. The final model has a height of 22cm, a width of 28cm, and a depth of 4cm.

This Lego Architecture set, like the others in the skyline series, is appropriate for both beginners and veterans.

#12 – Burj Khalifa

Best Lego Architecture Sets - Burj Khalifa

Well, this is more of a repacking of a Lego kit from back in 2016. However, it still is accessible in several markets despite having officially been discontinued in the US market.

It comprises a tall but somewhat simplistic miniature model of the world’s tallest skyscraper. The final model is 9 cm wide, 39 cm high, and 9 cm deep. That said, it’s perhaps the least spectacular of all Lego kits (in the Architecture category). Therefore, we wouldn’t advocate buying it up only if you are a great admirer of the architecture. Newer sets are simply much more detailed.

#13 – The Lego House

The Lego House

A particularly unique building is shown in the last Lego Architecture kit that we’ll look at today. Another Lego-built structure, suitably named Lego House, has been scaled down to make a smaller counterpart.

Billund, Denmark, has the actual Lego House, a 12,000square-foot behemoth constructed with 25 million Lego pieces. This scaled-down version has a little more than 750 pieces and is an exact replica.

Unfortunately, the kit can only be purchased at the Lego Shop located within the Lego House. Be aware that you’ll pay more than the retail price if you buy from Amazon. That is because you can usually find just a few pieces available at any one time. And, that would be a handy tip for those who want the best Lego architecture sets.

From Where Can You Buy Discontinued Sets of Lego Architecture?

Discontinued sets may easily be found online for almost the same price they were sold for. Sellers who have already retired and have these boxes are now reselling them on a variety of internet marketplaces.

However, when they’ve been discontinued, the most renowned sets may be quite costly to replace. When that happens, they usually become valuable collectibles with a correspondingly high price tag.

Having said that, Amazon has the finest selection of discontinued Lego Architecture kits, as we believe.

What can be the best Lego architecture sets, in your opinion? Is it included here? Please let us know.



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