Top Best Green Cards MTG Picked Just For You

What are the best green cards MTG? Is there any expert who can suggest to me some of the best green creatures MTG? Thanks in advance!

The above is a question posted by an MTG player who seems to be somewhat new to the game. Do you fall into the same category and wonder what cards can uplift your capacity? If so, keep reading and pick your cards for MTG.

List of best green creatures MTG

Mentioned below are the best green cards MTG we found after a considerable amount of research. You can go through this list and choose the most impressive ones.

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01. Best Green Cards MTG – Reclamation Sage

Best Green Cards MTG - Reclamation Sage

It’s true that Green stays in the front line to destroy all the artifacts as well as the enhancements. This comes with plenty of creature types, and this card is not terribly impressive. The ETB effect will definitely disrupt the opponent’s plans without much trouble to your delight.

However, before that, you should find a way to flicker this elf or reanimate it. You will be able to get the effect more than once. If you use this elf with blue and there is a multicolored deck, that can do the job. Therefore, we have no hesitation in placing this as one of the best green cards MTG.

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02. Best Green Cards MTG – Tooth and Nail

Tooth and Nail

Tooth and Nail card is one of the best green creatures MTG dedicated to Timmy. This card costs nine mana, and it can be the decisive card if you play it correctly. The amount you spend on this card is the main reason for us to prevent from ranking it top. However, we still include it in this list because of the excellent powers it offers. In most cases, you can combine both parts of the cards to cast it. If you neglect the cost, it will be the perfect card to fetch two creatures of your preference. It is true that this game can range from one game to another easily. In fact, “Tooth and Nail” is a pretty flexible option to have.  

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03. Best Green Cards MTG – Birds of Paradise

Best Green Cards MTG - Birds of Paradise

BoP (which is the nickname of Birds of Paradise) can be regarded as one of the most pioneering cards. Even if it is so old, it is widely appreciated and used even by modern-day players. It is one of the best green creatures MTG and used pretty much everywhere. Moreover, it has a value of $10 even if it is printed more often than not. This doesn’t have any power, but casting it could be somewhat easy. Also, it can be used to block flying attackers as well.

However, what we want to emphasize here is the ability of this excellent card. All you need is to tap for a mana of the color you wish.

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04. Best Green Cards MTG – Scavenging Ooze

Scavenging Ooze

Are you looking for the best green cards MTG that are not into huge brawls? If that’s the case, tricky creatures will come and disrupt the opponents. It is true that a large number of green creatures are not fans of brawling. However, they are tricky ones that can easily disrupt your opponents. You can get it for one green mana. As a result, the ooze will require something to consume at the graveyard as well. That will ensure that you can deny the opponents or reanimator targets. Also, if this card devours a creature, the ooze will get a counter of +1/+1. That’s a bonus.

05. Best Green Cards MTG – Rishkar’s Expertise

Best Green Cards MTG - Rishkar's Expertise

You cannot expect the best things are lower prices, can you? So is the case with this card. This card costs six mana to cast, and many individuals think it is expensive. However, if you analyze the overall cost and what it offers, you can see it as an excellent option. Green can be considered a big color. After drawing the card, you can get an opportunity to cast a card for free. That is possible if the mana of that card comes at a five mana or less cost. When you draw a large number of cards, there is a high probability of obtaining a castable card.

As a result, you can reduce the mana cost. The other thing is that this card alone cannot win a game for you. In that case, Rishkar’s Expertise can offer you some great support. You will need to get there while offering to build the board without turning it off. So, it has all the qualifications to reach a list of the best green cards MTG.

06. Courser of Kruphix

Courser of Kruphix

This is one of the best green cards MTG you can use as a very flexible centaur. It comes with a 2/4 body with 1GG to make a decent blocker for the game. However, the courser becomes alive when there is the involvement of the land.

You will have to play the game with the topmost card in your library. And, it should be land as well. In that case, you can play this card with the regular rules applied on the playing lands. The best thing is that it gives you one life from each land played. That is irrespective of its origin.

Please note that this effect is performed by Mul Daya in a much better manner. However, the card is very expensive and somewhat rare in most cases. Therefore, it is better to consider Kruphix as one of the best green creatures MTG.

07. Seedborne Muse

Best Green Cards MTG - Seedborne Muse

Well, one of the most noticeable restrictions associated with the deck’s power is that it requires tapping permanents. For instance, you need a “lands tap” for mana and creatures without vigilance tap to perform an attack. Well, having to attack with a creature is not the most persuasive mode of blocking.

The best way to answer this issue is using one of the best green cards MTG, like Seedborne Muse. This is a perfect utility creature and a member of the “X-born Muse.” You can untap the permanents on every player’s untap step. As a result, you can keep up the massive blockers. Then, you can use tap abilities on those permanents. You can then experience some instant speed by generating some mana. So, no more guesswork as long as you have this one.

08. Heroic Intervention 

Heroic Intervention

It will be a surprise if you can play MTG without the assistance of this card. Whenever you experience a board wipe, this specific card becomes incredibly handy. In addition to that, the same card becomes handy when your creature for Exile is targeted. There is no shortage of cards to offer adequate protection like Heroic Intervention. If you use Heroic Intervention in a properly timed manner, you can experience some significant blowouts. That will give you the true advantage. That said, this is an excellent card that must be recognized as one of the best green creatures MTG.

09. Zendikar Resurgent

Best Green Cards MTG - Zendikar Resurgent

It is true that every deck demands a card draw along with a mana ramp. This card ensures that approach with a hard-to-remove enchantment. Assume that you are allowed to untap with this card. If that’s the case, you will be able to gain a significant edge compared to the entire table. However, if the card was just mana ramp, it wouldn’t be scary like mega mana. With Zendikar, you can draw a card whenever you cast a creature spell that fuels explosive turns. This is related to the Commander Clinic. Although it costs seven mana, we still consider it as one of the best green cards MTG. You have the ability to ramp into this card quicker than expected.  

10. Nylea, God of The Hunt

Nylea, God of The Hunt

It goes without saying that this is a legendary creature. Because of that, you can run it as the commander when you play a mono-green deck. It is considered to be one of the major gods of Theros. And therefore, Nylea stays far away until your devotion to green is proven correct. But don’t worry about that because it can be done easily. Then, the God of the Hunt will descend in the form of an indestructible 6/6 beater. Then, it will do the needful for all the other creatures.

11. Back to Nature

Best Green Cards MTG - Back to Nature

In some cases, you can place this card as the best green card ever. However, in this list, we rank it as one of the best green cards MTG. This specific card costs only two mana, and that can destroy all the enchantments. You can see plenty of precious enhancements in the deck. Also, it can remove plenty of those manas. After all, at the cost of two mana, the performance of the card is impressive. This specific card lets you get rid of all the necessary aspects as you wish. It will develop the board. Moreover, it has a great balance between the cost and the features. Each and every deck requires you to consider having “Back to Nature” as a removal utility.

12. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

It is true that there is a notable amount of debate over the best green cards MTG. But this card deserves a place in every list without a doubt. This is a removable card, and it can be targeted very quickly. That is specifically because this specific card can shut down the mana of your opponent. This specific card offers an excellent 7/6 trample and offers an excellent punch on top of the mana advantage. If you can get this card at a better cost (two mana cheaper), you can achieve it faster. We cannot rate this awesomely powerful card at the top of our list because of its expensiveness.

That’s our list of best green creatures MTG. What do you think about the options we have mentioned above? Do you know better ones? Let us know your thoughts.