The Best Call Blocker for Android You Should Try

What is the best call blocker for Android? Why would someone need to use a call blocker app? Read on to find the answer!

Getting constant calls from unknown numbers is a really annoying experience for any mobile phone user. Such calls can distract you from your work and decrease your productivity. Well, if those calls continue to come, what would be the solution? Changing your number may appear to be a solution at a glance.

However, why would you ever need to change your number just because of someone’s fault? Resending your numbers to vital contacts, changing business card information, etc. can be painstaking.

Therefore, you should be looking for some smart way to block calls from unknown numbers. This is when you should be looking for a good call blocker for your smartphone. If you are an Android user, and looking for the best call blocker for Android, here are several options.

1. Truecaller (the Best Call Blocker for Android)

Truecaller is an exceptionally popular app among Android users who need to manage the calls they receive. Already, millions of people across the globe use this app on their Android phones.

This app is smart enough to identify strange callers by name and block spam calls. In addition to that, it can block spam messages as well.

After installing the app on your smartphone, you can filter phone numbers that are not on your trusted list. Truecaller maintains a massive database of numbers that constantly updates with the assistance of other users.

So, identifying a caller by name is pretty simple with Truecaller. After identifying a number as spam, you can block it with a single touch.

Features of Truecaller

  • Can block SMS and calls from spammers
  • Detect unknown numbers in your call history and SMS inbox
  • It comes with many themes
  • You can use it to share your location, your status and send emojis to your friends

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Besides, let’s learn more about what is

2. Whoscall

If you are looking for the best call blocker for Android, you shouldn’t miss Whoscall. This impressive app comes with a large range of features to block and filter calls and SMS. It can even block automated calls.

Already, a large number of users have downloaded this app and left impressive reviews. This app has received a lot of appreciation from Google as well.

Whoscall Call Blocker for Android

Features of Whoscall

  • It has a very smart functionality to identify unknown incoming calls from strangers
  • It works perfectly well to keep annoying spam calls away with a single touch
  • Let your search for strange numbers and decide whether to call back or not
  • It comes with real-time and offline databases
  • It can function as a personalized mobile business card

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3. Mr.Number

Mr.Number is yet another powerful app that has the ability to block calls from annoying strangers. In fact, the features associated with this tool make it a really powerful tool. You can use it to keep various fraudsters and spammers away from you. It lets you block personal numbers, business numbers, or hidden numbers without any hassle.

As long as you don’t need calls from a particular number, this app helps you block it. Moreover, you can send those calls directly to voicemail as well. Adding spammers to the blacklist and blocking them with Mr.Number is a pretty simple task.

Mr.spammer Call Blocker for Android

Features of Mr.Number

  • Get to know who exactly is calling
  • You can customize the call blocking feature
  • You can use it to block annoying and unwelcoming calls
  • Show avatars and usernames of the calls you recently received
  • Auto-blocking feature to keep annoying numbers away
  • You can use it to prevent yourself from spammers and fraudsters
  • Configure text messages to alert you when you receive dangerous and annoying text messages

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4. Should I Answer

If you are yet to find the best call blocker for Android, you can consider “Should I Answer”. This is a free mobile app that performs perfectly to keep you away from unknown, untrusted calls. In fact, the name of this app itself defines its functionality of this app. When you receive a call from an unwanted number, you will be asking yourself “Should I Answer?”

The purpose of this app is to clear your doubts when answering phone calls. As of today, we received a considerable number of telemarketing calls. However, if you have this app, you will be able to stay away from such calls and messages.

Features of Should I Answer

  • It is capable of revealing the phone number ratings automatically when the device starts to ring
  • It can block the calls that come from hidden numbers and add them to a private blacklist
  • Displaying the phone number and the user reviews related to it
  • You will be able to write a user review on the calls you receive
  • It utilizes an offline rating database as well

5. Calls Blacklist

This is another call blocker that can also work as an SMS blocking app. Several users consider Calls Blacklist as the best call blocker for Android. That is particularly because of the large number of features it carries.

So, if you don’t need to receive any unwanted calls that disturb your presence of mind use this app. It has a lightweight but powerful operation to impress users.

Calls Blacklist Call Blocker for Android

Features of Calls Blacklist

  • It can block all unwanted messages and calls easily
  • Let you receive calls only through the contacts list
  • It makes it impossible for private numbers to reach your phone
  • You can create a whitelist through this app, and those numbers will not be blocked
  • You can create customized schedules to block numbers
  • Highly customizable settings

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6. Call Blocker

If you’re looking for the best call blocker for Android, but you don’t want to pay, try this app. Call Blocker is an entirely free app that has impressive user reviews. With the assistance of this app, you can create a shield to block all unwanted calls automatically.

For instance, if you get constant calls from a salesperson, you can use Call Blocker to keep them away. Likewise, you can use this app to keep any strange caller away.

Downloading and installing Call Blocker is perfectly easy. You can do it through Google Play Store without any hassle. It is a lightweight but powerful app that can serve the purpose well.

Features of Call Blocker

  • It displays a list of calls that were blocked
  • It will block calls from all the numbers that are not included in the whitelist
  • You can add numbers to the blacklist in order to block them forever
  • You will be able to see a history of rejected calls
  • Highly customizable user interface that comes with simplicity

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Well, those are the best apps that can keep unwanted, annoying calls away from you. You may go through the list once again and find the best call blocker for Android.

Bonus Software: Monitor Another Smartphone Remotely Using mSpy

In addition to the call blocking apps we have mentioned, we reveal another exciting and handy app called mSpy. This respective app is particularly developed to spy on someone else’s phone.

So, if you need to monitor your spouse’s, kid’s, or employee’s phone remotely, you can consider using mSpy. This app works perfectly fine with both Android and iOS devices. More importantly, you don’t need to root the target Android device to install mSpy on it.

Key Features of mSpy

Now, let’s take a look at the key features associated with mSpy.

  • Can spy on any Android or iOS phone remotely
  • Can hack Tinder accounthack iPhone text messages, track all the activities such as calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, etc.
  • Works in stealth mode to catch a cheater, so the target phone’s user will not notice it
  • You don’t need to root the target device to install mSpy
  • The sophisticated dashboard can be viewed remotely through any web browser
  • Smooth functionality that can be handled even by a novice user
  • Excellent customer support

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Well, we have come to the conclusion in our article about the best call blocker for Android. As a bonus for our readers, we presented one of the most powerful spy apps as well. You may try the tools we have mentioned above and find which app does best for you.

Also, get to know how to unblock someone on your iPhone if you need it.



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