Get the Best Audio Mixer for Streaming To Boost Your Sound Quality

Are you also looking for a sound mixer for streaming that can help them enhance audio quality for their podcast, gaming stream, or music recording? If so, then we’ve got your back. We’ve accumulated a list of some of the best audio mixers for streaming that will work the best for you.

Importance of mixers for streaming

You must start considering the importance of at least getting a USB sound mixer for streaming. It will work as your first step toward the proper audio mixing work. If you’re one of those who want to start a podcast or stream on YouTube, Twitch, or any other platform, then you need a sound mixer.

The audio mixers will support your need for editing on the recording and podcast. This includes editing from managing any background voice getting recorded unnecessarily to providing you with various settings to give effects to your voice.

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Selecting the Right Audio Mixer               

While choosing the best audio mixer for streaming, you must understand what factors need your consideration. These are:

● Types of Mixers

Only two types of audio mixers exist– digital and analog.

Audio Mixer for Streaming

Analog mixers have a simpler interface, which is why gamers consider them as the superior option. It has physical knobs and dials that allow you to control or channels and even adjust sound settings while live streaming. For streamers who host live podcasts on their channels, analog mixers are considered as one of the best sound mixers for streaming.

On the other hand, digital mixers are easy to use and have simple controls. You can use apps that allow you access to plenty of audio channels conveniently.

● Number of Channels

If the sound mixer for streaming can support more channels, you will be able to set more devices with it. However, these audio mixers are a little expensive. Generally, no gamers use more than 3-4 channels simultaneously to stream live.

● Tuning

The best audio mixers are those that allow you to adjust the compression, channels, and EQ. These tuning knobs are enough for a regular live streamer or gamer.

● Size

Audio mixers must be compact and lightweight as they do not demand much of your tablespace. It will be much easier for you to set them up.

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Using the Audio Mixer the Right Way

To get the best result from the best audio mixer for streaming, you should be focusing on these aspects more than anything:

  1. Turn your gain knob to the lowest so that it doesn’t pick up any background noises.
  2. Keep the amount of compression you’re doing. It’ll work as a way to maintain a balance between your quietest and loudest part in the recording.
  3. Take your high knob and low knob and turn up the setting of 6 decibels for both of them. It’ll help you give your recording a radio type yet an aesthetic look. This will also help in better sound mixing for streaming.

Utility of the sound mixers for streamers

Until and unless your podcast or a stream setup doesn’t involve any inputs of audio from various other sources, you don’t need any sort of best mixer for streaming at all. Consoles, PCs, and even microphones, etc., require a special effect or adjustment. You can work well without one as well. Getting an audio mixer is still considered a treat for many of the streamers. Unless you’re already in this field and wish to pursue it further, you don’t need to buy one.

Nine best audio mixers that meet all sound mixing needs

Check out the list of the amazing sound mixers below:

1. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB Mixer

Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB Mixer

This device can truly be the best audio mixer for streaming due to its versatility. It has a compact design that is filled with some fantastic features and a pretty sleek design. Not only this device comes along with three equalizer modes, but also a gain knob and a compression knob for better sound performance.


  • 4 XENYX’s Mic Preamps that comes along with fantastic sound quality
  • Comes along with three variety of equalizer (low, mid, and high)
  • Fantastic audio/USB interface


  • No switch off button (you need to unplug the whole system to turn it off)

2. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Yamaha MG10XU Mixer

Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixer for Streaming

This audio mixer is one of the best audio mixers for streaming. It is a 10-input channel mixer that comes along with various audio sources connected to it. It also allows you to filter any sort of voice that isn’t needed in the recording.


  • Quite an amazing versatile mixer with decent Mic Preamps
  • Provides a huge variety of I/O options
  • Has in-built digital effects of SPX


  • It doesn’t come along with a USB cable; you’ve to charge it through Type-A or B.

3. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

This best audio mixer for streaming can be used everywhere. Whether it is gaming, live music concerts, podcast, and so much more, it works for all. The pricing of the mixer is one of the best things it offers. It comes with eight built-in channels, making it one of the best audio mixers for streaming.

Other than being budget-friendly, it also has Bluetooth, XLR support, LED indicators for the peaks, and more.


  • An amazing price to feature ratio (great money value)
  • Pretty good with the start


  • It doesn’t allow you to compress audio

4. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – GOXLR Mixer

GOXLR Audio Mixer for Streaming

If you’re looking for the best audio mixer for streaming in almost every aspect, you can give this one a try. It has four different channels for input and can add multiple voice effects. With the help of its fine level of customization settings, you can take that to the next level. This is also quite user-friendly.


  • Manufactured while keeping the streamers and gaming community in mind
  • Provides a huge variety of customizable options, along with voice modification
  • It has pretty decent RGB Lightning


  • Majorly reliable only on the software that comes along originally

5. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – GoXLR Mini Mixer

GoXLR Mini Mixer

This mini best mixer for streaming comes along with an amazing software and hardware feature, which includes a fine quality audio mixer for streaming, voice changer, sampler, and a huge variety of audio sources. Apart from its lower price tag, it is packed with features, making it one of the best mixers for streaming.


  • Has various options of various customization
  • Quite easy to use with the easy mix setup and audio interference.


  • Majorly reliable on the software that joins up mainly comes along with it.

6. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Behringer Xenyz X1204USB Mixer

Behringer Xenyz X1204USB Audio Mixer for Streaming

It is rated the best mixer for streaming on podcasts and general music production. If you’re one of those who’re looking to upgrade their systems, this audio is probably the best choice. It offers up to 4 different channels for inputs and multiple sets with it. Apart from being easy to use, it also provides a fine studio class quality in your output audio.


  • It comes with quite a powerful software
  • Provides you with a huge variety of customizable options
  • Have amazing audio quality
  • Has a fine studio-level quality
  • The system is quite light weighted and portable to carry around


  • Not at all user friendly

7. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Behringer Xenyz 502

Behringer Xenyz 502

This best mixer for streaming is paired with all the essentials a beginner can have. It doesn’t provide any excess features, making it quite easier to use. Apart from an affordable price, it also comes with a strong body. You can use this audio mixer as a starter pack because it’s affordable.


  • Fantastic feature to price ratio (good value for money)
  • Much easier to operate
  • Has a strong body (fine build quality)


  • Not at all serve as a proper 5-channel audio mixer

8. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Mackie PROFX8 V2

Mackie PROFX8 V2 Audio Mixer for Streaming

Streaming is one of the largest yet interesting works a person can do. Apart from that, it’s not about a single or duo who are working on a stream; instead, sometimes there can be a whole. This is one of the best audio mixers for streaming for any amateur.


  • It has a fine audio in-built quality
  • Come along with super-advanced monitoring qualities
  • Help you with real-time audio mixing with built-in after effects


  • It has been reported quite a lot of times for LED lights malfunctioning
  • It gives different audio feedback that depends on the device you’re using

9. Best Audio Mixer for Streaming – Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer

Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer

It is one of the smallest and portable best mixers for streaming. This device is packed with so many features, including a higher headroom with dozens of output and input options. If you’re basically for an audio mixer for streaming, for which you need some classic quality of audio, this audio is made for you only.


  • Pretty easier to handle
  • Come with an amazing value for money
  • Very compact, which makes it easier to move around with


  • It doesn’t allow audio compression
  • Don’t have any EQ adjustments


1. Are USB audio mixers suitable for recording?

If we look at things from a technical sight, regular sound mixers work the best with any sort of recording or audio than a USB mixer will. USB audio mixers are designed to plug into your computer for being easier to use. However, a regular audio mixer works well with both recordings and podcasts or streaming.

2. Which sound mixer is used for streaming?

Most of the sound mixers for streaming are easy to handle and, at the same time, packed with features. To get your hands on one of the best audio mixers for streaming, you’ll have to go through the given list and check which one is suited for you.

3. Which is one of the best audio mixers for recording a podcast?

A sound mixer is packed with some of the most amazing features, quite a bit of audio customization setting, and plenty of audio inputs. Using Yamaha MG10XU can be a good choice for recording your podcast.

4. Is an audio mixer required for streaming?

If you’re planning to use an XLR mic, then you’ve to use a sound mixer for streaming. Otherwise, a USB microphone will do fine as well. Using an audio mixer allows you to give some extra touches to the recording, like tuning the audio, removing unnecessary audio from the background, and some more.   


The best sound mixer for streaming will allow you to easily, faster, and efficiently work on an audio mixing of a stream or podcast. Every product is given in the list will fulfill your needs. Above were some of the best sound mixers for streaming in the industry of audio production. Don’t forget to tell us which one came in handy for you.