Best Arcade Sports Games Ranked Exclusively For You!

Arcade sports games can keep you engaged for a very long time without letting you feel tired. No matter whether you are a professional gamer or a random player, those games are super awesome. With that said, in this article, we list down the best arcade sports games for you.

Generally speaking, sports games are more inclined to maintain the fun in the arcades rather than the realism. The excitement and the fun delivered through arcade games are exceptionally good, particularly to ones who prefer challenging games.

The very first video game that was played through a graphical display was introduced back in 1958. It was invented by a physicist called William Higinbotham. The name of that game was Tennis for Two. After that, another interesting game called Pong was released, and that was in 1972. That game was based on table tennis, and it was highly admired in the Golden Era of arcade games. Well, that era lasted for more than a decade, and that explains the popularity of the genre.

At that time, no shortage of arcade games was introduced to the world by many developers across the globe. There were originals as well as the knock-offs. And, the most popular type of arcade games were sports games. Thanks to that era, sports games are still popular in many mediums. Even though their graphics are not in the most realistic state, the excitement is still there.

Arcade sports games are surely among the most popular games you can ever play. Their popularity remains even after a long period. The main reason behind the popularity of those games is that they require hand-eye coordination instead of athleticism. So, even a regular individual can become an invincible boxer in arcade sports games.

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Best arcade sports games

Finding the best arcade sports games requires some research. But don’t worry about that because we have already done the research. For your information, we list down the best arcade sports games, so go ahead and pick yours.

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01. Arcade Sports Game – Arch Rivals

Arcade Sports Games - Arch Rivals

Is it possible to combine basketball with violence in a game? Yes. That is exactly what you will find in Arch Rivals. Well, the blend of violence and basketball will make it a pretty addictive game for any enthusiast. When you play this game, you can punch the opponents to win the ball. This should be done instead of playing fairly as a genuine basketball player. As per the game, you will never experience a penalty even if you hit the opponents in the face. With that said, the only way to get a penalty is a shot clock violation. You can play this game in the two-on-two mode, so every second of the game will matter a lot. With each of those shots (two- or three-point), you will get the cheer of the cheerleaders. With that said, Arch Rivals is a superb game that has some casual feeling.

02. Arcade Sports Game – Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers

If truth to be told, the Mario franchise is not limited to aspects like those plumber-related moves. There’re some great spin-offs in the Super Mario franchise. Also, some have a horror storyline, and some are pretty cute. What we want to say is that Super Mario is a highly versatile franchise.

With that said, one of the best games included in the franchise is Super Mario Strikers. This specific game is based on soccer. It is played in a fast-paced environment, and there are some awesome characters included in it. For instance, you can meet characters like Mario and Donkey Kong when you play this game. There are unique ways for those characters to move across, and they also have different modes of attacks. There are massive bouncing shells in addition to electrified fences. That makes this game a pretty brutal one. All in all, the game is considered to be one of the best arcade sports games.

03. Arcade Sports Game – NFL Blitz 2000

Arcade Sports Games - NFL Blitz 2000

In many cases, individuals prefer playing games with realistic graphics. This is absolutely the case associated with the NFL Blitz. When you play this game, you don’t have to worry about technicalities. Instead, all you need is to focus on the game.

You don’t have to use the usual 11 players in this game per side. You can play with 7 players. Apart from the simplicity, you can experience a great deal of excitement and fun. The goal of this game is pretty simple. You should score various points as much as possible, and you don’t have to worry about complex rules.

04. Arcade Sports Game – Sega Rally

Sega Rally

One of the best sports adapted to arcade games is motorsport. With that said, Sega Rally is among the best arcade sports games you can ever find. Thanks to the amazing graphic work, the developers were able to add some powerful gaming experiences to the players. It features a terrifying speed to make things more exciting for players. When you play the game, you will feel so realistic. That will give a superb gaming experience.

05. Arcade Sports Game – Golden Tee Golf

Arcade Sports Games - Golden Tee Golf

Well, this game can be ideal for die-hard golf fans. Otherwise, the game will not give you the feeling of the most impressive arcade sports games. This game is designed to be a very simple one, and it is less complicated compared to similar games. You don’t have to force players to be precise like professionals, though. That is exactly why even a novice has something to enjoy in this game. All you need is to have some basic idea about what gold is, and that’s it. The game, of course, is a popular one, and the future versions will have some better options.

06. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

In the US, this game was released with the Sega Dreamcast. This game was developed with 125-bit hardware, and yet it was considered a graphical marvel at that time. And, this game engine utilizes graphical powers so you can create some superb characters. In a way, they were the best graphics for a boxing game. Characters like Afro Thunder and Boris Knockimov are the best examples. The injuries of the characters you find here are displayed in real-time. For example, you can experience missing teeth as well as black eyes. The winner of each fight will appear with some funny, cartoon-like injuries. After performing several punches with power, players can enter the RUMBLE Mode. As a result, you can go for overpowered attacks.

07. Mutant League Football

Arcade Sports Games - Mutant League Football

Mutant League Football is considered to be one of the coolest arcade sports games presented by EA (Electronic Arts). Compared to many other games, Mutant League Football has some silly and macabre games. Both monsters and skeletons will battle in this game. However, the rules in this game are not the standard ones. With this game, you will be able to find some amazing deadly moves as well. That is in addition to the exploding balls and landmines. Whenever the player is losing, they can even bribe the officials. With that, they can get some false penalties. If that doesn’t work, players can even kill officials. It is true that this game is not a standard football game. But don’t be afraid to play this game as it will deliver an enormous amount of fun.

08. Super Dodge Ball

Super Dodge Ball

This is another pretty old game that was released back in 1988. This is an action-packed game that falls into the arcade genre. The main rule of this game is very simple. All you need is to throw the ball at the opponents (there are three of them). You should do that until they die. But the opponents don’t stand around waiting to get hit. Instead, they will even hit back to kill you. Also, this game has some awesome and powerful gameplay to stand as one of the best arcade sports games.

09. Punch-Out!!

Arcade Sports Games - Punch-Out!!

This game was released back in 1984. Well, since then, this was one of the most popular arcade sports games among most gaming enthusiasts. It was an addictive game. As per the gameplay, you are required to launch some rapid and powerful hits. In fact, this is a pretty amazing game that can be enjoyed with great excitement.

The characters found in this game come with some strange and unique names, but they are fun. For instance, Bald Bull and Pizza Pasta are two of those games. If you want to go to the next fighter, you will have to beat the existing fighter.

10. NBA Jam


One would say that NBA Jam is not among the most profitable arcade sports games. This game had four players in two-on-two teams, and they fight against each other. Each quarter of the game lasts only for three minutes. The overall gameplay is really cool. However, the most amazing thing about it is its superb commentary.

Well, those are the most amazing arcade sports games we have found as per our research. Do you know other games of this kind? If so, please keep us posted.