Best Anonymous Texting App to Play a Prank


Anonymous texting can be really fun if you do it the right way. You can send an anonymous text to your closest ones and play innocent pranks. If you like the concept of anonymous texting, you can do so by using an anonymous texting app. Apart from apps, you can use web-based services to send these anonymous text messages.

It is true that an anonymous texting app can send messages without revealing the sender’s identity. But, you should use it only to play innocent pranks. Don’t use such a tool to disturb an individual’s private life, blackmail or threat. In the event of a legal issue, authorities can trace back to the sender through the IP address. If you play a harmful prank or intentional threatening, you will have to face the consequences. Therefore, use such apps responsibly.

Now, check the below list and see if it contains an anonymous texting app to serve your purpose.

01. TextSpy

TextSpy is a very popular app used to do anonymous texting. This special program offers you free anonymous numbers to send messages anonymously. More interestingly, this program doesn’t require you to provide personal information. All you need is to download the app, install it and start anonymous texting. In addition to that, TextSpy allows you to receive messages too. However, both the sender and receiver should have the app installed on their devices. This product works fine with all the devices that run on iOS. It has an impressive user rating. Almost all the users appreciate the user-friendliness of this app. So, if you need a good app that sends text messages anonymously, TextSpy is a good choice.

02. Smiley Private Texting

This is yet another anonymous texting app that is really popular among many users. It has a very good user rating (almost the same score of the app we mentioned above). The functionality of this app is pretty impressive. This app comes with a really friendly user interface. This app offers US and Canadian numbers only. If you need numbers from another country, this can be a downside. However, this is a good app that can easily send messages to selected numbers anonymously. Smiley Private Texting can generate a realistic-looking number (in the US or Canada) for free. You may use this number to send anonymous text messages. Even though they provide a comprehensive service, they don’t charge you anything in return.

03. Gliph

This is another sophisticated app that can provide several other features. If you need to experience something more than anonymous texting, this can be the app you are looking for. Apart from texting, you can use this app to buy and sell items. As we know, it is compatible with all the iPhones, other smartphone varieties, and desktop computers. Instead of just using it as an anonymous texting app, you can consider it as an online platform. You can join this platform without revealing your identity, personal information, etc. So, every one of the users in this platform plays an anonymous role. You can use this platform even to do bitcoin trading. Since it is an online platform, it allows users to create chat groups too. This is a totally free app that comes with no hidden fees. If you are looking for a good online platform that can perform a variety of other tasks, Glip can be a good choice.

04. Pinstant

This is another anonymous texting app that comes with versatile features. Apart from sending anonymous text, you can use this app to perform many other tasks. For instance, you can use this app to share multimedia content like videos, stories, etc. without revealing your identity. More than an anonymous texting app, you can call it a social media platform that doesn’t reveal your identity. Pinstant has the ability to work collaboratively with other social media platforms too. For instance, you can share Pinstant contents on other social media platforms. So far, a large number of users appreciate the functionality of this product. The ratings of this product are impressive.

05. Spoof Text

This is another impressive option you can consider if you need a texting app. This product too has good ratings from many users. A large number of people say they like this app as a general texting message. However, there is a massive downside to this app. You cannot send a really anonymous message with this app. In fact, this app reveals your real number in the message that you send. Therefore, if you want to play a really anonymous prank, this is not the app for you. In addition to that, the user will experience various in-app purchases. Without these in-app purchases, Spoof Text becomes a useless app. Those who need to purchase coins, you should compile the codes by yourself. Due to obvious reasons, many users don’t consider this product as an anonymous texting app. However, if you are OK with sending your real number with the message you send, you may use it.

06. AddaLine

This app has a relatively lower rating than all the other apps we mentioned. It can let you make phone calls in addition to the text messages. This app lets you make international phone calls without costing a fortune. You may consider this app as an extra business number particularly if you make international calls.

An Important Reminder for Anonymous Texting:

Due to various reasons, you may want to store the messages you sent. If you store such messages, you can refer them in future. To keep a backup of all those messages you sent, you may use a sophisticated app called iMyFone iTransor.

As long as you have access to iMyFone iTransor, you can easily export all the text files from your phone. Then, you can save these files on your PC for future reference. You may download iMyFone D-Port through their official website. Here’s the download link.

How to use iMyFone iTransor?

Using iMyFone iTransor is pretty simple. Apart from exporting text files, this particular app can export many other file types including Photos, Contacts, Notes, etc. It can also download all photos from iCloud restore data back to iOS device for you.

Well, here’s how to use it.

Go to the download link we provided and download the app on your computer

Download iMyFone iTransor Free

Now, open the software on the computer.

Connect your smartphone to the computer through the original USB cable provided with the phone. Using the right kind of USB cable will eliminate potential errors.

Now, open iMyfone iTransor. You will find a tab called “Backup & Export From Device“. This makes your software to connect with the phone and search for relevant files.

Now, you should select the data types you need to export. If you need to export text messages only, you may do so by selecting the appropriate option. Remember, iMyfone iTransor allows you to export pretty much every file type on your phone.

After selecting the data type, just press Next.

Press “Scan” and wait for a couple of minutes. Depending on the amount of files you have on the phone, the time it takes may vary.

At the completion of the scanning process, the app will show you the available files on the phone.

Select the specific files and hit “Export“.

In fact, iMyFone iTransor is a really convenient app that comes with a very friendly user-interface. Even a novice computer user will find it easy to use this app. The step-by-step guidance we provided will make the process easier.

In addition to the text messages, you can transfer apps to the new iPhone & export all the other files using this app. It works perfectly with devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without any issue. You can also use this app to gain access to iTunes and iCloud too.


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