Top Best Android Space Games with Superb Characteristics 2022

Are you a fan of Android space games and looking for the best space games for Android? If so, you will find this article to be very handy.

We were able to find some superb games related to this genre and list them down below for you.

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Best Space Games for Android 

Google Play has a slew of cosmic games and applications if you just type in “space games.” Android space games surely offer a lot of fun to play.

As children, we all had aspirations of reaching for the heavens and setting foot on the moon, didn’t we? In reality, enjoying some space games such as Galaga, Space Invaders, and the like has helped shape us. Space games are still popular among certain users, and it seems that they’ve done particularly well on mobile devices.

Many interstellar applications may be found by searching for the best space games on Android in the Google Play Store. These games mainly include defending your aircraft from invading aliens, exploring the outside planet, or racing against the clock.

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List of Best Space Games for Android 

As previously said, Play Store is brimming with Android space games. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of either the best space games on Android.

If you like having fun, then you’ll like playing these games. So, without further ado, here are some of the finest Android space games for your reference.

#1 Best Android Space Game – Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2

This is one of the greatest open-world sci-fi games that any Android user would like to play on their smartphone. To play it, all you have to do is protect your galaxy from the grasp of nefarious aliens.

The game, on the other hand, grows more difficult and compelling as you go. In other words, this is a top-notch space shooter that every Android fan would like.

#2 Best Android Space Game – Space Shooter

Space Shooter Android Space Games

Space shooting aficionados everywhere will adore Space Shooter. There’re stunning graphics in this game, and it’s really addicting as well. Aliens try to take over the player’s spacecraft, and the player must fight to keep them out. The number of aliens you encounter grows in proportion to your progress.

Not only that, but to advance to the next level, you must defeat an epic boss battle. That takes place at the conclusion of each level.

#3 Best Android Space Game – Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity is one of the best space games for Android with stunning visuals. If you are a fan of this genre, this is a must-play game. Subdivision Infinity is a top-notch high-definition game that you will really enjoy. You play as a pilot of a battle spacecraft tasked with eliminating the flying adversaries in your path.

Aside from the main objective, there are other side tasks to accomplish in order to receive prizes.

#4 Best Android Space Game – VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict Android Space Games

Another highly rated greatest space strategy game is VEGA Conflict. In this sophisticated real-time strategy game, the player must establish the claim, and command those fleets. Then, they should conquer the void. Real-time PvP is available, as well as a limited number of weekly gaming events.

In other words, VEGA Conflict is a top-notch free strategy game that you’ll have a blast playing. So, we can list it among the superb Android space games that exist today

#5 Best Android Space Game – Space Armada

Space Armada

During the game Space Armada, players assume the role of an intergalactic spaceship’s commander. There’re tasks and side missions in this game that you must do in order to advance in the game.

Also, it can improve your spaceship’s capabilities in combat with other players. The best part of this game is that in multiplayer mode, players may engage in galactic war.

Also, they have to deal with real-world opponents in a galaxy set on fire with other players. So, this game is another superb, cutting-edge action game in the genre available right now.

06. Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars: KOTOR Android Space Games

It’s an enormous Star Wars role-playing game called Star Wars: KOTOR. What are you going to do now? Each planet and race in this game has its own distinct look and feel.

To put it another way, the game is a journey through well-known Star Wars places. There are three classes to pick from in this game, and there are several methods to achieve each assignment.

07. Battlevoid: Harbinger

Battlevoid: Harbinger

For those of you who appreciate roguelike, turn-based, real-time, and strategy battles, there’s Battlevoid: Harbinger. Players assume the role of a rookie commander tasked with venturing into hostile territory. One of the greatest and most addicting space games that can be played right now, without a doubt.

08. Star Command

Star Command Android Space Games

You may construct your own spacecraft, employ a crew, and explore the world in Star Command. Basically, it is an Android game that allows you to do all of that. Star Command depicts the ups and downs of running a space station. Upgrade your spacecraft, go into uncharted territory, and watch the crew perish at your hands in the arctic wastes.

All Android users will enjoy playing these top-rated space games. If you are aware of any more, please mention them in the comments section.

09. Space RPG 3

Space RPG 3

Esaptonor created Space RPG 3, an action-adventure game with elements of role-playing and space exploration. In fact, it comprises a single-player combat mode. The game is based on the Space RPG and takes place in a vast universe.

It comprises hundreds of different planets, many stars, interplanetary stations, and vicious alien creatures. There are new planets to find, stars to uncover, and adversaries to face in this game.

In a nutshell, that will take you on an amazing trip! The player has a choice of many spacecraft from which to begin his journey. The player may use the money acquired by performing various missions to enhance his spacecraft, weaponry, and other stuff.

You may choose between two major campaigns, each of which has a slew of hidden side missions. NPCs may be traded with to obtain credits, and new trade routes can be figured out by the player.

Space RPG 3 has a number of noteworthy features, including a Trading System along with possible Upgrades. It also has an improved AI and a Large Number of Ships. In a nutshell, it is one of the coolest Android space games that deliver great fun.

10. Dead Effect

Dead Effect Android Space Games

Dead Effect is a real treat for sci-fi shooter fans who like video games. Gameplay-wise, it is jam-packed with intense aspects like action, thrill, stealth, and horror survival. The game transports you on a Star Ship equipped with cutting-edge Fast Time Travel (FTL) technology in distant space.

All crew members enter hyper-sleep after establishing the ship’s path to Tau Ceti F. However, an elite warrior of Unit 13 awakens to discover the ship overrun by Undead. The narrative continues as he struggles to stay alive in the midst of hordes of zombies. Dead Effect provides harrowing encounters with zombies and abandons you.

Then, you should own devices in the hope that you may locate other people who are still alive. Your mission is straightforward: wake up, arm yourself with as many weapons as you can carry.

Then, you should begin hunting down the undead. There’s a lot to do in Dead Effect’s single-player and multiplayer adventures.

For instance, exploring, surviving, and dealing with the most inventive weapons are the actions you should perform. That’s why we call it one of the best space games for Android as of today.


You can go through the information above and learn the Android space games that are awesome.

If you are enthusiastic about space-related games, all of the above games are ideal. So, go ahead and choose the best space games on Android and enjoy your free time!


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