Top Android Auto Clicker for Games Applications Present Out There

If you are looking for the best Android auto clicker, then you must be aware of what an auto clicker for games is, whether it’s with or without Root. At the same time, you know why you require this application.

However, if you have no idea and still thinking about what an Android auto clicker does, it is a tool that clicks automatically on a point on the phone screen.

Android auto clickers may look a bit simple, but there are lots of thoughts behind all of these tools. They offer various helpful functions, like button detection and image detection.

Obviously, these are some of the advanced features, where you may just need just the auto-clicking feature that is readily present on all the auto clicker applications.

Users use these Android auto clickers for various reasons. However, these applications are used mostly for video game automation and for advertisement manipulation. One can automate any feature practically that needs tapping.

So, it does not matter why you need an auto clicker; we have come up with a range of the top auto clicker tools for Android (Top Android GPS Tracker for you).

These tools will definitely make the life of a gamer a bit easier. The best thing about these applications is that they would not need your Android device to be rooted. So, what can be best than that!

Android Auto Clicker for Games (Without Root)

To ensure that these tools will function on your smartphone, you need to access your phone’s settings. Under ‘Settings,’ go-to ‘Accessibility‘ and then select the ‘enable permissions‘ option with the tool you need to use once downloaded.

Nowadays, applications prompt users to provide them access automatically to the device.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the top auto clickers for games (Top games hacker app for you)

1. QuickTouch

QuickTouch auto clicker android

This is an amazing Android auto clicker, which works great for games. QuickTouch features a floating control panel and supports phone screen swipes. The tool functions well with full-screen applications and does not need root access.


While this tool does not feature various additional functions, it does the automating work really well. Whether you need to work with a delayed, randomized, or fast tap, this tool does all for you.

Plus, users can tweak this application’s settings for starting automatically with the applications that they have. Once the configurations are ready, you would not require to launch QuickTouch, except if you want to alter settings.

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2. Click Assistant

Click Assistant auto clicker android

Tapping or repeatedly clicking on your screen for a long period of time could be tiresome. Using Click Assistant, users can automate this function and enjoy extra time for doing other things.

Unlike other auto clicker tools for games, Click Assistant is not just with the click automation feature but also comes with curved swipe automation and pinch too.

Also, users can set an interval between different gestures, change the loop’s duration, and how long every tap is going to take. The tool is even user-friendly.

The best thing is that users do not have to root their devices for using this Android auto clicker. They can save, load, and employ scripts for automating their gestures.

android auto clicker Click Assistant

Click Assistant employs a floating control panel so that it is easier to manage this tool while you use other applications. This function makes it a bit easier to set up pointer locations in a precise location within video games.

Click Assistant

Another amazing thing about Click Assistant is that it comes with an anti-detection feature. Although it is not clear if the tool could bypass all the games, users can enable the function for clicking on a radius randomly that they can adjust.

3. AutoInput

android Auto Clicker -AutoInput

This is a good auto clicker for games. For using this Android auto clicker, users do not need to root their mobile devices. However, they have to install Tasker on their smartphones as this plugin is required to launch this application.

So, if you want to use the tool completely, you have to know about various Tasker profiles. Plus, how these profiles work. Once you have downloaded these two applications, visit ‘Settings‘ and then select ‘Accessibility.’ After that, enable the ‘AutoInput and Tasker‘ tools.


Although the plugin is not free, you can try its free trial for two weeks to check it out. Plus, there is a free trial of seven days for AutoInput. Thus, you can ensure whether you want this tool or not.

Overall, the plugin has received lots of praise from users. Although comprehending how to employ this auto clicker could be quite tricky, once you learn that, it’s a powerful tool to employ.

4. Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is for people who are looking for a simple auto clicker for games. Whether it is multiple points, repeated clicks, and diverse swipes, the tool can handle everything. Using its user-friendly and simple interface, users would not have a difficult time managing their configurations.

Auto Clicker

Moreover, they can even set up a timer globally to give this Android auto clicker a particular duration to launch. For the tool to function, there is no requirement for root access. However, the only thing to note is that your phone should be running on Android 7.0 or more. Plus, give the tool all Accessibility permissions.

5. Automate

android Auto Clicker - Automate

This Android auto clicker enables users to combine together diverse blocks in the form of a flow chart for achieving what they like. Although this application is nothing like an Android auto clicker, you can create one with just some combos very easily.

This auto clicker is helpful in carrying out different phone functions, specifically if you like to schedule the inputs or create a routine for activating precise clicks at a particular time. While it is super easy to set up automating certain things on Android using it, you can also perform functions and open apps quickly.


So, this Android auto clicker provides a nice way of starting other apps automatically and implementing various actions. The best thing about Automate is that it does not feature advertisements, and its premium version can unlock the use of over 30 blocks, which is quite generous.

6. Macrodroid


While this Android auto clicker is not precisely an auto clicker for games, it offers an easy way to automate some tasks on your smartphone. With some clicks, users can automate their Wi-Fi, profiles, data, and much more.

With countless scenarios that users can automate, they will find the tool pretty convincing after they get comfortable with it. Macrodroid forms ‘macros‘ (or stepwise tasks) for an efficient Android user experience.


While this Android auto clicker provides various templates that one can select from, it is possible to produce personal models of one’s design. To begin, you need to first choose a trigger for the macro and then choose the actions that you would like to automate. The tool features more than a hundred familiar actions that can be performed using it.


Finally, it is possible to configure restraints using it to let the macro function whenever you like. This auto clicker offers you more than 50 constraints for usage.

7. E-Robot


The best thing about this Android auto clicker is its ability to operate and modify numerous functions. With more than 150 actions and 170 events that users can edit, it features endless possibilities.

Whether you like to launch applications on diverse locations, times, or Wi-Fi networks, E-Robot can manage everything pretty efficiently. If users are wondering whether this auto clicker for games can run smoothly, there is a panel where they can examine its performance.


The tool does not need many resources as it functions well on devices running on Android 4.0. Also, E-Robot can run third-party support like action plugins, profile activation, Ipack icons, and Javascript.

8. Droid Automation

Droid Automation

As its name suggests, Droid Automation allows users to automate their Android devices. Unlike other applications, this auto clicker for games does not employ flowcharts for displaying what users like to automate. This is not an Android auto clicker, but it functions like one.

For using this auto clicker, create a user profile, and select particular tasks and triggers. Once you configure these things, you are all set to go. Using its user-friendly and simple interface, Droid Automation is not at all complicated to use.

Droid Automation

With an enormous range of triggers and tasks that one can configure, this Android auto clicker features countless possibilities to automate. While this tool is available for free, users can purchase its premium version to enjoy more features.

FAQs Regarding Auto Clicker Apps

1. How does an auto clicker tool work?

An auto clicker is a tool or app that could automate diverse functions like tapping or clicking. While many applications support swiping, gestures, and automatic clicking, some employ events and triggers for automating the smartphone.

2. Why is the auto clicker app not working?

As these applications automate your taps, you will require them for giving permission for doing so. You will require to access the Accessibility settings and then authorize the tool from there.

3. Why do users employ an auto clicker for games?

Many users employ easy auto clickers for automating games on their smartphones that need repeating clicks. Several applications offer additional features, such as conditions, actions, and triggers to automate.

So, these are some amazing automation applications and Android auto clicker tools. Although they are not amazing, they will perform the task.

Look for the best auto clicker for games that suits your requirements. Now, download any of these tools and enjoy their amazing features!



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