Everything About AddROM APK You Need to Know

Are you considering bypassing your Google account with addROM? Sometimes, it is quite essential to do so. While Google looks after tightening the safety on Android Systems, they end up turning some aspects related to the system difficult for their users.

Google introduced the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) with Android 5.1 Lollipop for Android devices like Samsung, LG, and some others. Since then, it transformed everything.

Google FRP is an attempt at protecting private data on an Android smartphone. With this protection, it has become so complicated and difficult for Android users who bought a secondhand Android device or forgot the password of their Google account.

Due to the FRP, Android users now need to enter the passcode of their account linked to their device for resetting the phone. This lock helps in protecting their device in case it is lost or stolen. In order to bypass the FRP, users will need access to the Google account. While FRP works amazingly as an anti-theft feature, it makes things complicated for verified users too.

Although it is difficult to bypass the Google account, it is not impossible to carry out this task with professional tools like addROM FRP. addROM ADB FRP is a great tool to bypass Google account lock effectively.

For using such a bypassing tool, users do not need a password. Now, let’s learn a bit more about this professional program. Also, learn about better alternatives to addROM for bypassing the FRP effortlessly.

Part 1: Introduction to addROM FRP

Downloading addROM FRP APK make it possible for users to bypass their Google account lock. AddROM is a helpful program, where primary goal is to bypass the FRP lock on Android devices.

Also, you have to be extra careful while downloading the addROM FRP APK. This is because there are different versions available for Android 8, 7, 6, and 5.

So, if you like to use this FRP tool on Android 5.1, you have to get the addROM FRP APK designated for that Android version only. Other versions of this tool would not work there.

Introduction to addROM FRP

After the bypass tool has done its work, users can successfully reset their Android smartphone without coming across any difficulty. Click here to download the addROM FRP tool for Samsung Note 8.

PS: here is everything about FastUnlocker FRP bypass APK free download for your reference.

Part 2: Bypass Google FRP Using addROM FRP

With addROM FRP, it is so easy to bypass the Google FRP lock. So, for bypassing this lock, go through the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Download the APK File

First, users have to download the addROM FRP APK. After that, they need to copy that file on their Android device.

Step 2: Enter Recovery Mode

Next, you have to put your phone into Recovery Mode. Once done, you can install this program on your smartphone.

Step 3:Turn ‘USB DEBUG’ On

You should turn the ‘USB DEBUG‘ option on from the ‘Developer Options‘ tab.

After you have switched on that option, the FRP bypass tool will unlock your Google account effectively. So, these steps could be overwhelming for many Android users. However, this is the only way to do it.

Part 3: Is this addROM FRP APK Safe?

The instructions to use addROM ADB FRP are not pretty straightforward. However, one thing that makes users worry about using a new program is, “Is it quite safe to employ?

Well, there are several drawbacks to using this FRP bypass tool. After analyzing addROM, we came up with some drawbacks that make this tool a bit desirable for many users.

Cons of addROM FRP Bypassing Tool.

  • Unfortunately, this program is outdated and has not offer updates lately. This website has not been updated for some time. Plus, it does not offer an app version for Android 9, which means that this program does not provide a particular apk for Android devices running on the latest Android version.
  • The tool just offers the FRP bypass apk. Thus, it will not offer anything apart from the APK file. There will be no guide regarding the installation process. For many Android users, the installation process could be pretty complicated.
  • The site does not provide users with any technical support. As there is not any support offered, the process could be quite risky. If users follow any incorrect instructions while running the addROM FRP apk on their Android smartphone, they will be stuck at a particular screen. Then, you have to figure out how to resolve it on your own.

With addROM, there are some of these issues. The main issue is that there is no version present for the latest Android version. Still, if users like to employ this tool on earlier Android versions, they will not receive any technical support. This could lead to perpetual damage to their Android devices.

Part 4: Best FRP Bypass Tool for Android Devices – Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

So, there are various reasons why users should not go with addROM FRP APK. However, if you could overlook those problems, then go for the tool. Otherwise, you can look for a nice alternative.

It is pretty challenging to select an alternative to addROM. However, after examining all the relevant aspects, we have come up with the best FRP bypass tool for Android devices, which is Tenorshare 4uKey (Android).

This application is far better compared to FRP addROM. This top FRP Hijacker alternative program employs an advanced algorithm for bypassing the Google FRP lock effectively and efficiently. Now, let’s see how this professional tool functions!

Get Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Steps to Bypass FRP Lock using Tenorshare 4uKey (Android):

To bypass the Google lock, follow some simple steps given below:

Step 1: Download the Program

In the first place, you download Tenorshare 4uKey from its official website on your Windows computer. After that, install the program and connect your Android device to the system. Next, launch the application and choose the ‘Remove Google Lock (FRP)‘ option from the main interface.

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) addROM bypass tool

Step 2: Tap on ‘Start’

In the next panel, tap on ‘Start‘ and then choose your device’s name. Now, select the ‘Next’ tab for proceeding further.

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Step 3: Enter the Required Details

Next, you need to put in the required information regarding your Android phone, such as the manufacturer’s country, the carrier’s name, and so on. After that, select ‘Next,’ and the tool will start verifying the information. If the details are correct, tap on ‘Confirm‘ and move further.

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Step 4: Enter the Download Mode

Now, you need to put your Android phone into the Download Mode.

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)
Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Step 5: Download and Install the Firmware Package

Next, you will require the firmware needed for this process. Once downloaded, install the firmware package and put your Android phone into the Recovery Mode. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will immediately detect that firmware and begin unlocking your Google account.

Tenorshare 4uKey (Android) Download Firmware
addROM bypass toole - Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)

Lastly, your Google FRP lock will be immediately bypassed by this best bypass tool. It usually takes around 10 minutes to complete the entire procedure. Now, you can enjoy full access to all the Google features, which you could not do earlier!


It is essential to bypass the FRP lock on your Android smartphone to enjoy full access. For this, many users use addROM FRP, which is an excellent program to bypass Google FRP.

However, it can be helpful only if you are pretty tech-savvy and follow the entire procedure without a guide. It is difficult for most users to do so. In that case, it is best to go with a better FRP unlock tool.

We recommend you use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. These tools are very effective when it comes to bypassing FRP.

As compared to addROM, it is simple to use these programs. Plus, they feature a tremendously high success rate. Download any of these programs and unlock your device hassle-free!

Get Tenorshare 4uKey (Android)



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