How to Fix the 0x80300024 Error While Installing Windows

0x80300024 error code is one of the different error codes that you might come across while installing any Windows version. This Windows error carries a message in code that says something like, “Windows is unable to install to the selected location.”

0x80300024 Error

It points out the hardware or software issue. There are many reasons that might cause 0x80300024 errors while installing an operating system on a computer. For example, insufficient space in the disk, damaged installation media, or corrupted hard drive, etc.  

In addition, this error has occurred in all earlier versions of the Windows operating system during installation. So, there is a high chance that you may run into it while installing Windows 7 and Windows 10. But no worries, this is not a big problem. You can easily fix this error if you follow below solutions mentioned below step by step.

Solution 1: Check all necessary accessories connections to fix 0x80300024 error

The first step you need to take when you run into error 0x80300024 is to check whether all the accessories are connected properly. More importantly, make sure to check the connection between the installation drive and hard disk is stable. 

If the cable has any scratches or damage, then the installation of a new version of the Windows operating system will be difficult. Damaged or corrupted cable is the main cause of this error. Furthermore, there must be enough size of the installation location in the computer. Before rebooting your PC or laptop, try these operations. Then check whether the 0x80300024 error has disappeared.   

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Solution 2: Remove unimportant hard drives

While installing a Windows, make sure that there are not too many hard drives connected with the computer. The reason is that other hard drives might create a hindrance while Windows installation, which causes 0x80300024 error. Therefore, to finish the installation process smoothly, make sure to remove unnecessary connected hard drives from the computer. 

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Solution 3: Try different USB port to fix the 0x80300024 error

We have mentioned earlier also that connecting a corrupted USB port to installation media causes a 0x80300024 error. Hence, try using a different USB port version than earlier. For instance, if you were using the 3.0 version earlier, then use the 2.0 version to install a Windows operating system. However, this trick is only applicable when you install Windows using a USB stick.

Solution 4: Check the boot order to fix the 0x80300024 error

Follow the below steps to check the order of the boot. 

#1: First, reboot or boot your computer system.

#2: Follow the steps shown on your computer screen when the computer restarts. Most of the time, you are required to enter Setup or BIOS by clicking the F1, F2, or Delete key on the keyboard. However, the steps vary according to the brand of your computer.

#3: After entering Setup, click on the Boot column and check the order of the boot.  

Check the boot order

#4: Change the destination drive for installing Windows and set it as the first boot order. 

#5: Click the ‘Save‘ button to save the changes and exit BIOS. 

After this, install a new version of Windows and check whether the installation process runs smoothly without the error. 

Solution 5: Format location of the Windows installation

If you have created a new partition of the hard drive, then some data may create problems while Windows installation. Therefore, it is recommended to create a new hard drive and format the location before installing the new Windows version.

If the destination location data is the cause of the 0x80300024 error in Windows installation, then location format will fix this problem.

Below are the steps that will guide you through formatting Windows location.

#1: Firstly, connect the bootable installation media to the computer and reboot the system. 

#2: In the Setup/BIOS page, set the bootable installation media at first in the boot order.  

#3: After that, configure keyword layout, language, and other options in order to proceed further.

#4: Select the ‘Custom‘ box when the notifications pop up. 

#5: In the Windows Setup page, select ‘Drive (advance).’

#6: After that, click on the partition hard disc drive that you want to select and hit on the ‘Format‘ button.   

Format location of the Windows installation

#7: Confirm the process and wait till the formatting process is completed. Then hit on the ‘Next‘ button to continue the process of the installation. 

#8: If the above steps do not work, then instead of the ‘Format‘ option, click on the ‘Delete‘ option. This helps you to delete the earlier hard drive partition and allows you to create a new partition.

#9: Create the partition again and try to install Windows on that hard drive. 

#10: If the above step fails to remove the error, then delete the partition and label it as unallocated space.

#11: Again, boot the system from installation media and create a new hard disc drive on that unallocated space.

#12: Check whether the error still persists. 

Moreover, you also have a choice of a third-party software solution to format the partition. MiniTool is the wonderful software to format the installation location. It makes your work easy and smooth. Furthermore, the Pro Edition of this software allows you to create new bootable hard disk drives like CDs, DVDs, or USBs with ease.

Below are the steps that will help you to format the partition with MiniTool Wizard Partition software. 

#1: With the help of MiniTool Wizard Partition or Pro Unlimited Edition, you need to reboot your computer system with the bootable media.

#2: On the BIOS page, set the bootable media as the first boot order in the ‘Boot‘ tab. Enter in the ‘MiniTool PE Loader‘ page and click on the ‘Partition Wizard‘ option.

MiniTool Wizard Partition

#3: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate and enter the main page of this software. 

#4: Select the target partition on which you want to install a new version of the Windows operating system and then select the ‘Format Partition‘ option available at the left side of the action panel. 

format the partition with MiniTool Wizard Partition software

#5: In the new window, set ‘File System‘ and ‘Partition Label.’ Then hit the ‘OK‘ button to save the changes. Finally, click on the ‘Apply‘ button to continue the process of formatting the partition.    

Solution 6: Use DiskPart

You can run into a 0x80300024 error if you have a corrupted partition in the system. Hence, DiskPart helps you to solve this issue. Following are the steps that will help you to do so.

#1: Note the name of the partitions after identifying the ‘System‘ partition from the list of partitions.

#2: Press the ‘Shift‘ and ‘F10‘ keys together and type ‘DiskPart.’

#3: After that, enter ‘List Disk‘ to know the list of all partitions. 

#4: Type ‘Select Disk‘ and enter the number of the partition you want to select. For instance, if you want to select partition number 1, then type ‘Select Disk 1‘.

Use DiskPart to fix 0x80300024 error

#5: After that, type ‘Clean‘ and hit ‘Enter.’

#6: Install Windows again and see whether the error still persists. 

Solution 7: Ensure enough space in the disc to fix the 0x80300024 error

Before installing Windows in a drive, check whether the drive has enough space. The data in the installation drive interfere with the installation process, and you may come across a 0x80300024 error. Obtain more disc space and then install Windows. 

Firstly delete unimportant but space-consuming data files or folders. In order to delete files, you must analyze what files and folders are taking larger spaces in Windows. Plus, you can use MiniTool Space Analyzer and identify unnecessary data. It is excellent software that enables you to Check the File System, Wipe Disc, Migrate OS to HD or SSD Wizard, and so on.

Extending/resizing the partition will allow you to fix this error. Plus, when you download MiniTool software, you can access Extend Partition and Resize/Move Partition feature. This software is quite compatible with removing unnecessary data and extending hard disc drive space.

Therefore, download this tool and boot your computer system from bootable media. Now, enter the MiniTool PE Loader page and click on the Partition Wizard section to enter the main page. After that, follow the below approaches to expand the disc. 

Approach 1: Resize/Move Partition

Before using the MiniTool Resize/Move Partition feature, ensure enough space behind or in front of the partition. Plus, the partition needs to be contiguous to the unallocated space. Below are the steps to resize/move the partition on the software.

#1: Right-click the partition that you want to resize or move and choose Resize/Move section from the menu. 

Resize/Move Partition with MiniTool

#2: After clicking the option, a new window will pop up. Now, you need to set the location and size by dragging the bar in the right and left directions. Then, click ‘OK‘ to proceed further.

#3: Click on the ‘Apply‘ button to continue the process. 

Resize Partition to fix 0x80300024 error

Approach 2: Extend Partition

You can take the space from other unallocated spaces or partitions and extend the partition location where you want to install Windows. The MiniTool Partition Wizard software feature ‘Extend Partition‘ will help you to carry out this operation. You must choose the ‘Extend Partition‘ rather than the ‘Resize/Move Partition‘ option if you want to enlarge the partition from taking space from unallocated space. 

Following are the steps that will help you to extend the partition.

#1: Choose the target partition and click on the ‘Extend Partition‘ option in the list of the menu. First, right-click on the partition and choose the ‘Extend‘ option from the menu.

#2: A new window will pop up. Choose the partition that you are willing to take space from and select the amount of free space that you want from the selected partition. 

#3: Click on the ‘OK‘ button to save the changes. 

#4: In the final step, hit on the ‘Apply‘ button to continue the process of extending the partition.

Extend partition to fix 0x80300024 error

Solution 8: Install a new hard disc drive to fix the 0x80300024 error

If the above solutions are not working and you are still running into 0x80300024 error, then it would be possible that the hard disc drive is damaged. A dying or damaged hard disc drive can prevent your computer system from installing a new version of the Windows operating system. If you are in such a situation, then it is better to replace the old hard drive with a new one and then install Windows.

Final Thought

We have covered all the reasons regarding 0x80300024 that prevent you from installing Windows operating system. Choose one of the solutions from above and follow the steps to smoothly install Windows. If you are still coming across this error, then comment below and tell us the cause of the error. In addition, you are free to mention any other solution apart from the solutions mentioned in this article.